6 Best PTO Software Solutions in 2024

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If you have a dozen employees, you can probably manage their leave by hiring a single HR manager. Once you hit 50 employees, the paperwork piles up faster than Tetris blocks. And don't even get us started on timesheet maintenance and time tracking for teams over 100! Regardless of your employee count, adopting a PTO tracker software, such as GoCo, saves you time and headaches by streamlining the entire process. All this without your HR managers getting bogged down and neglecting other HR functions, such as people management and payroll.

6 Best PTO Management Software in 2024

Best Software

  • GoCo
  • Kissflow
  • Zoho
  • CakeHR
  • Jibble
  • Ultipro

1. GoCo

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GoCo provides a Time Off tracking software that simplifies employee vacation tracking, making it ideal for the modern agile HR department. As soon as employees make PTO requests, their manager(s) are sent instant alerts via the GoCo platform inbox, mobile, and email.

Approve time off requests and check for calendar conflicts in a matter of seconds, with our user-friendly tracking system. The system will automatically notify employees and update their remaining PTO balance, for minimal interruptions and maximum productivity. Additionally, GoCo's digital time tracking kiosk guarantees a pain-free employee clock-in experience, and allows employers to centralize a solution for attendance management.

Users can also create an unlimited PTO policy for teams, change the accrual policy for different locations and departments, introduce companywide maternity and paternity leaves, and/or set up an individual policy based on performance, for every employee. PTO policy changes can be made with a click of a button, and be sent and acknowledged through GoCo's advanced Magic Docs feature.

With the GoCo PTO software, you can separate Paid Time Off from other types of absences in your reports. Companies can manage any and all types of paid leaves, including (but not limited to) vacation, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave, volunteer absence, social service leave, and personal days. In response to EFMLA and EPSL paid sick leave (under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act), GoCo's COVID-19 paid leave feature also allows HR managers to track requests specific to latest COVID leave rules. Requests, approvals, and supporting docs are stored and managed digitally.

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2. Kissflow

The Kissflow HR Cloud platform is simple and user-friendly, with plenty of features for managing and tracking the PTO needs of employees. The platform’s crowning feature, however, is the option to customize workflows to the specific needs of a business and its vacation time policies.

Users can create extremely flexible workflows that stay streamlined and bug-free, no matter how complex they are. This lets HRs work around possible reporting bottlenecks and lets employees apply freely, without slowing operations down.

In addition, Kissflow has a number of attendance and timekeeping processes, all within a single price plan. The PTO and timekeeping software are bunched together in a singular plan, which may be unsuitable for companies looking for more flexible pricing. Nevertheless, Kissflow HR Cloud is a robust HR platform for companies that need a one-package solution.

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3. Zoho

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Zoho People has an accurate time-off tracking service that is customizable to a wide range of business and workforce needs. Users can build PTO forms from scratch, or customize one of the many available templates. The platform also offers a number of subscription levels to suit businesses of any size, with any number of employees.

What makes Zoho People remarkable is its accommodation of employees of different nationalities. There are 10 major languages to choose from, and employees can set their own language preference on their forms. The same is true for managers who receive the forms.

Zoho People’s system does offer a tremendous amount of functionality, however, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate through the interface. It is not as streamlined, which leads to a drop in user-friendliness, especially when a company has a large number of forms for different kinds of leaves.

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4. CakeHR

CakeHR has a PTO tracking software that’s both comprehensive and easy to navigate around. It provides HR staff with a lot of functionality, such as creating timesheets and scheduling meetings around leaves. An employee self-service feature makes it even easier to manage, for senior HR professionals and line managers.

The software offers an interface with highly customizable entry fields for various information. However, the system does not offer much functionality with respect to historical data. Users have to modify and adjust such data manually, as the system does not adjust it according to a company’s current specifications.

Still, CakeHR is a good choice for companies looking to customize streamline the employee PTO service to their liking.

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5. Jibble

Jibble is another HR and PTO service that’s designed to help small and medium-sized businesses fulfill their leave management and timekeeping needs. It has a functional system that offers excellent time-off management, as well as, simple, yet efficient reporting tools. Users can analyze the historical and current attendance data for the entire workforce as a whole, or for specific teams.

The one downside to Jibble’s software is that it’s specialized for time management, and doesn’t support integration with other HR software systems. Furthermore, Jibble doesn’t provide a full suite of HR systems, which makes it unsuitable for larger companies.

Instead, the software works to take over all the time management requirements, creating a smooth workflow between managers and employees.

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6. Ultipro

Ultipro provides HR departments all the leave and time-off request management functionality they could need, at a very competitive price. Judging from the majority of the reviews regarding the system, users seem to appreciate the customer service quality and the easy usability of the software.

The Ultipro software, however, doesn’t offer much customization on their PTO service. Again, this may only be suitable for smaller companies who’re looking for limited, yet streamlined functionality.

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Are you a small business looking for a simple, clean software that carries leave requests? Do you want a robust PTO management system that maintains timesheets and lets you create nuanced leave policies? GoCo provides a configurable PTO tracking software that does all that, and more, for businesses of any size.

Save yourself and your employees some time, and make your absence management simple.

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The Importance of PTO Management Software

Whether your employees get the US average of 10-14 PTO days per year or unlimited PTO (the most-valued emerging employee benefit, according to MetLife), managing time-off requests from a workforce of any size is a breeze.

No more drowning in paperwork. By automating your time off management, you can focus on what really matters - building a happy, productive, and engaged workforce. So whether you have a dozen employees or a thousand, you should consider the top PTO tracker software solutions that can help you take control of your leave management and get back to the important work of building your business.

How to Choose the Best PTO Software for Your Business

The ideal PTO software is one that suits organizations of every size and scope, while taking into account the needs of the modern workforce. Not only are teams more diverse today, but with automation being the element of the hour, companies are looking for cloud-based systems that eliminate tedious manual management processes. To help you better understand such software, and what to look for in one, here is a checklist for the ideal PTO software.

  • Customization: The software needs to adjust to the diverse workforce of today. Employees may speak different languages, or they may need specific days off based on ethno-religious backgrounds. As a result, a leave management software needs to have built-in features that support workflow adjustment around various off days.
  • Scheduling: A company needs to stick to meeting schedules while accommodating their employees who are away. A PTO software should assist with scheduling meetings during peak attendance days.
  • Leave Management: The ideal PTO software should feature an accurate leave management system that tracks leaves accrued and taken, as per the set policy. It should also do this while maintaining a timesheet in collaboration with the leave management feature. This is to determine exactly what type of leave requires how much time off.
  • Encashment and Compensation: Your PTO software should take the company’s compensation policies into account while collecting leave data. It should then relay this data to the payroll department. In case a software has a built-in payroll feature, it should transfer such data in real-time, to achieve quicker payroll processing.
  • Pricing: PTO software pricing can depend on the number of employees in a company, which is why you should choose the service that offers a number of pricing packages, based on your specific needs. Make sure you’re not paying for services that you won’t end up using.

These are the prime qualities to look for in the perfect PTO software. In addition to this, a software should be highly customizable, and user-friendly enough for both new and experienced managers.

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