8 Best Vaccination & Test Tracking Software in 2024

GoCo is paving the way for HR managers to securely and compliantly track COVID-19 vaccinations and test results. Read more to learn what to look for in a vaccine status tracker and compare features.

Why Does Your Small Business Need a COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking System?

In addition to standard administrative tasks like onboarding, benefits administration, and payroll, HR is now expected to track COVID-19 vaccination status and ensure compliance with President Bidens’ vaccine and testing mandate. The new mandate -- designed to combat COVID-19 and its variants -- impacts over 100 million U.S. workers, and requires businesses with over 100 employees to ensure their team members are either fully vaccinated or tested weekly before coming to work.

With the updated legislation comes the need to digitally track vaccination documents or weekly COVID-19 test results, run compliance reports, and offer employee self-service options. Having your COVID-19 documents in the same place as where you onboard and manage employee data makes it significantly easier for HR to ensure business compliance. We’ve compiled a list of top vaccination and test tracking platforms for HR; from key features to overall customer reviews, you can compare and contrast which platform makes the most sense for your small business, which likely means you’ll want a consolidated HR experience. GoCo is the first choice with the criteria in mind, but check out the full list below:

Top 8 HR Vaccine Status & Test Tracking Platform for SMBs

Best Software

  • GoCo
  • UL
  • HealthChampion
  • OnePoint
  • Cleartogo
  • ReturnSafe
  • Preworkscreen
  • GoCanvas

1. GoCo

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G2 Rating: 4.7 (222)

GoCo is a complete vaccine management, employee onboarding, payroll, and time tracking solution for HR managers. While standalone vaccination trackers might make sense for some businesses, most SMBs are looking for an easy way to run vaccination and test result reports in the same place as all of their other HR functions.

With GoCo, you can not only track proof-of-vaccination documents, run detailed compliance reports, and customize settings based on employee types, but also complete all of your digital onboarding tasks, set up payroll, and view benefits plans at-a-glance. These features help simplify complex tasks, support new business vaccination requirements, and organize all of your relevant HR documents in one place.

GoCo’s Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Track proof-of-vaccination and weekly COVID-19 test results
  • Save time with employee self-service options & automatic workflows
  • Run detailed vaccination reports to ensure organization compliance
  • Customize COVID-19 tracking with advanced configuration options
  • Mobile or web-friendly experience
  • Schedule weekly testing reminders and track workforce completion status
  • Receive notifications for incomplete or missing document workflows
  • Filter by employee type for sending COVID status workflows
  • Manage all of your HR tasks in one place (onboarding, payroll, benefits, time-tracking, documents, etc.)
  • COVID-19 paid leave tracking

With GoCo, HR teams don’t need standalone vaccination management software, as they can access all COVID-19 related materials within the HRIS. The ability to consolidate HR documents, compliance, and payroll set-up in a single system means you don’t have to complicate your existing HR procedures to make it work.

If you’re ready to streamline vaccination management with All-in-One HR, schedule a demo to see why GoCo wins.

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2. UL

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UL’s COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker is a good alternative if you are wanting a COVID tracking point-solution for documenting COVID-19 vaccinations and basic compliance tracking. Ideal for hospitals & clinics or businesses with vaccination programs, employers can use this option as a stepping stone if they’re not ready to make the full jump to consolidated HR.

UL’s Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Document COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Track compliance
  • Limited reports on vaccination and compliance
  • Mobile-friendly

Pricing: The standard option allows for complimentary access, but is limited in features other than simple vaccine tracking. Test tracking is not included.

It’s important to note that UL’s COVID-19 vaccination tracker is a limited feature version of their compliance management module, so it is a true standalone feature. It does not currently support test result tracking, which might be a setback if your organization has over 100 employees and needs to regulate weekly test result tracking.

With that being said, UL is still a strong and affordable starter option for COVID-19 document storage without the all-in-one HR experience.

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3. HealthChampion

Coming in bronze is HealthChampion. Similar to UL’s feature, HealthChampion is a well known software solution for general health tracking. The system offers sophisticated features around COVID-19 pre-screening and vaccination tracking with the goal of helping businesses take ownership of health data.

HealthChampion's Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Track team vaccination status
  • View data in a dashboard and pull reports
  • Members self-report vaccination status
  • Symptom tracking
  • Automatic alerts for issues

Pricing: A free 2 week trial is offered for up to 10 team members, but month-to-month pricing starts at $149/month for up to 50 team members. Custom quoting is needed for enterprise teams.

A few downsides to the platform based on previous users are that the platform is not extremely intuitive, and it can be difficult to manage and make changes to data and pathways once the software is live.

Still, the system is renowned for health tracking and COVID status updates.

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4. OnePoint

Another HR tech vendor option is OnePoint HCM. Similar to GoCo, the HRIS provides more of a consolidated HR solution for COVID status tracking and employee self-service. The Human Capital Management platform offers standard HR features and vaccination tracking, but does not currently offer options for tracking weekly test results for unvaccinated team members.

OnePoint’s Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Vaccine tracking with custom fields
  • Employee self-service checklists
  • Create custom PTO categories

Pricing: OnePoint does not provide pricing online, so businesses will need to ask for a custom quote to determine pricing.Zoho Recruit pricing differs for staffing agencies, corporate HR, and temporary workforces, but typically ranges from $25-$75 per user, per month, depending on the number of features.

Though the platform is advertised as a one-stop shop, some users report that the platform is sometimes disjointed and that self-service options require more guidance than expected. If you don’t have the time to guide new hires and team members step-by-step the first time, the adoption process may take more time than expected.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a solid vaccination tracking feature, this may be a good option to consider.

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5. Cleartogo

Like HealthChampion, Cleartogo is a purpose-built solution focused on health tracking and employee screening. With a heavier emphasis on health screening, Cleartogo is a strong contender to consider. Ideal for case management, risk classification, and workforce availability, the platform’s focus is on keeping employees healthy.

Cleartogo’s Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Vaccination tracking and record-keeping
  • Presence management
  • Weekly test result tracking
  • Announcements

Pricing: Cleartogo starts at $5 per user per month (up to $250), which includes features for employee screening and case management. Custom quoting is required for enterprise teams.

Though the feature is very reliable for standalone vaccine tracking and health screening, it comes at the same price as all-in-one solutions like GoCo that start at $5 per employee per month for an entire suite of HR features (base cost). For a point-solution, the pricing may be discouraging for businesses that need to pay for HR software as well.

Regardless, the tool is a sleek and easy-to-use option if you’re only looking for case management and health tracking capabilities.

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6. ReturnSafe

ReturnSafe is a great option for an all-in-one health screening and case management solution. Created to prevent infectious disease outbreaks, the platform focuses on summing up a strong experience for screening, testing, contact tracing and more.

ReturnSafe’s Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Track employee vaccination status
  • View and manage test results
  • Screen employee health status
  • Manage and respond to cases

Pricing: Pricing ranges from $7-$15 per user per month, depending on company size (up to 1,000), and depending on needs for only screening or tracing and tracking. Custom quotes are available depending on unique needs.

While the software has extensive options for COVID-19 status tracking, the platform is extremely new and thus it’s hard to determine stability and overall support. There is currently no option for managing HR data, employee documents, and other HR functions that are needed from an administrative standpoint.

Again, this is a good alternative option for a point-solution.

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7. Preworkscreen

Next we have Preworkscreen, an application designed specifically for COVID-19 daily screening and vaccination tracking. Again, the solution is a great option for HR managers who want to keep health tracking and HR data separate, and only want features related to COVID status.

Preworkscreen’s Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Vaccination report and tracking
  • COVID test report and tracking
  • Remote reporting
  • Data management

Pricing: The application is priced reasonably at $1.45 per employee per month for standalone vaccination and test tracking solutions, and $2.45 for a more complete suite of COVID-19 features. For enterprise solutions, employers can request a custom quote.

With generally strong features for health tracking and COVID-19 status management, the cons of this platform are its integration limitations and it’s limitations around anything other than COVID compliance.

All in all, the platform offers strong capabilities for resuming safe operations in the workplace.

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8. GoCanvas

GoCanvas’ COVID-19 vaccine tracking application differs from the other platforms in that it is a mobile business form app and template library, and less of an entire software platform. With GoCanvas, HR can customize and update a COVID tracking mobile form with customizable fields, eSignature, and other features but it is overall less of a cohesive hub for tracking and pulling sophisticated reports.

GoCanvas’ Key Vaccine Management Features:

  • Vaccination document and status tracking
  • Submission editing
  • Conditional fields
  • Signature capture

Pricing: Pricing is determined based on “form submissions”, and starts at $100/mo for 200 form submissions in it’s COVID-19 screening category. Custom quotes are also available depending on unique needs.

Because this solution is a custom form builder and template library, HR managers get access to a variety of different form types. While this is helpful, it may not be as useful for HR managers looking for an end-to-end COVID-19 tracking and analytics solution within their employee management platform. It serves as more of a tool collecting document fields.

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Choosing the Best COVID-19 Vaccination & Test Tracking Software for Your SMB

As a small business, you can’t afford to make costly mistakes around incomplete vaccination records or break compliance legislation around weekly COVID-19 test reports. With hundreds of forms around payroll, benefits administration, onboarding, vaccine proof and employee performance, you’ll want to look into all-in-one employee management software to simplify processes. Some common pitfalls we tend to see within SMBs are:

  • Tracking vaccination records on paper or within an outdated spreadsheet
  • Putting employee data (especially health data) at risk without proper security
  • Difficulty editing employee documents, PDFs, and more
  • Difficulty tracking which employees are vaccinated vs. which employees need weekly test result reminders
  • Incomplete records caused by lack of consolidated HR tools & disjointed services
  • Compliance with updated business vaccination mandates & legislation

In order for employees to feel secure and for you to have the ability to choose how to run your department, consolidated vaccination tracking HR software can make a huge difference. A strong HRIS should be easily accessible via web and include features for sending & signing new documents and policies, collecting and auto-filling proof-of-vaccination or testing documents, customizing templates, and syncing with your other HR tools. In addition, the platform should make it easy to make updates to existing policies, send reminders to team members about unfinished workflows, and provide guidance around compliance forms.

Small businesses also thrive on usability, so your vaccine tracker shouldn’t feel like another thing you need to integrate within your HRIS. That’s why many SMBs like to choose software options that cover all HR needs in one spot. So, instead of a standalone health screening system or a singular test tracking tool, it may make the most sense to implement an all-in-one HRIS that provides all of the benefits where data can flow in and out freely.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing an HR Vaccination Management Platform

To make the ultimate decision on the type of platform that fits your situation, make sure to keep these in mind:

  • The number of employees in your organization (A large majority of services charge by employee #)
  • Your monthly or yearly budget (Consider you’re HR budget if you’re looking to move to an all-in-one experience)
  • Vaccine tracking features you'll need like proof-of-vaccination uploads, weekly testing workflows, custom data reports, etc.
  • All of the services you are looking for (COVID-19 vaccine management, single log-in, benefits administration, performance reviews, compliance support, etc.)
  • Types of integrations you would like
  • Add-ons to streamline your entire HR program

Having these in mind will help guide your research process, and help you identify qualifying software options. HR software like GoCo provides a truly modern all-in-one HR platform with not only sophisticated COVID-19 vaccine tracking tools, but also unique solutions for digital onboarding, workflow management, payroll runs, and business compliance tasks that likely fall on your HR plate as well. For the ultimate health tracking experience, we recommend taking the all-in-one HR route and making GoCo a multi-purpose digital tool for your organization.

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