Vaccine Tracking

Get in compliance with secure tracking for COVID-19 vaccines and testing

GoCo’s COVID-19 compliance tracking feature simplifies vaccine & test result management for HR pros — all within a consolidated HR platform.

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COVID-19 Vaccine & Testing Compliance

Our modern HRIS includes compliant vaccination and COVID-19 test tracking, reporting, and easy-to-use employee self-service features to support compliance with updated business vaccination requirements.

Track proof-of-vaccination & weekly test results

Employees can upload proof-of-vaccination documents or weekly COVID-19 test results directly into our HR software to help HR leaders ensure compliance with updated mandates & employment policies.

Save time with employee self-service status updates

Employees are notified via email to begin the digital COVID-19 status tracking workflow. Vaccinated employees only need to upload proof-of-vaccination once, while unvaccinated employees will receive weekly reminders to upload COVID-19 test results.

Run vaccine data reports to ensure organization compliance

HR managers can seamlessly run vaccination & test status reports for the entire company to identify any compliance risks at the individual or organization level.

Customize COVID-19 tracking workflows with advanced configuration options

Admins have full control over their vaccination and testing workflows — from scheduling which days it runs to filtering which employees should receive the workflow.

Manage all of your HR tasks in one place

GoCo’s vaccination and test tracking platform is fully baked into our all-in-one platform so that HR can manage remote onboarding, benefits, payroll, and compliance tasks in one place.

GoCo makes vaccination compliance easy, so you can focus on perfecting the employee experience

100% Paperless

Instead of managing employee data within a spreadsheet or a paper form, GoCo empowers HR to streamline and digitize manual tasks.


Our platform was built with customization and ease-of-use in mind. Instead of making you change your processes, our all-in-one HR platform fills in the gaps where you need it, from onboarding to benefits to tracking vaccines.

Hassle-Free Compliance

GoCo is designed to help organizations stay safe and comply with ever-changing legislation updates and business requirements.

Better Employee Experience

Empower your employees to access all of their employee data, benefits, vaccination records, and employment documents in one place — available at any time.

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