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T[HR]iving with GoCo: AxisCare Case Study

Micah Key, the Director of People and Culture at AxisCare, sat down with GoCo CEO Nir Leibovich and shared his success using GoCo.

February 28th, 2024


In human resources, technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations and enhancing employee experiences. Micah Key, the Director of People and Culture at AxisCare, sat down with GoCo CEO Nir Leibovich and shared his journey using GoCo, a comprehensive HR platform that has revolutionized the way AxisCare manages its HR needs.

The Need for a Scalable, Efficient HR Solution

Micah's role at AxisCare is part of an HR and customer service career that is a continuation of over two decades of experience in business operations. With a focus on scalability and efficiency, Micah sought a solution that could seamlessly integrate into AxisCare's operations while addressing the challenges of managing HR processes solo.

“I started out at AxisCare as an HR department of one, so I was looking for a couple of things in HR tech: a software that could be out of the box, be a great tool to set up a lot of automations, and [kick off] a lot of workflows to be able to make my job a lot easier,” Micah said. “Because the reality is, I didn't have like a whole staff of people immediately that I could delegate things out to. So I wanted to be able to do that from day one.”

How GoCo Stood Out

One of the critical factors in selecting GoCo was the need for a user-friendly platform that could automate workflows and digitize documentation swiftly. 

Micah emphasized GoCo's competitive pricing and its robust features, particularly its workflows and document management capabilities, which aligned perfectly with AxisCare's requirements.

“What we were looking for was the ability to digitize our HR, and that was an area that GoCo really excelled in for us,” Micah said. 

Transitioning from traditional paper-based processes to a digital HR system was a significant shift for AxisCare. Micah navigated the implementation process with GoCo's support, overcoming challenges such as integrating EDI feeds for open enrollment. GoCo's persistence and collaboration ensured a successful outcome, paving the way for a seamless transition.

Micah reflected on how AxisCare's onboarding and benefits enrollment processes have been revolutionized with GoCo. Gone are the days of manual paperwork; employees now experience a streamlined onboarding journey, complete with personalized benefits previews, thanks to GoCo's intuitive features.

The Impact of a Great Customer Service Team

Post-implementation, Micah highlights the invaluable support provided by GoCo's client success team. Their proactive approach and responsive customer support have been instrumental in addressing challenges and optimizing the platform to meet AxisCare's evolving needs.

“You know, I speak as a former leader of customer success teams,” Micah started. “I know what all goes into that day after day. And challenging as it can be, [the customer success team] has been great. I really like the GoCo model, where you have a CSM and you also have a dedicated customer support person, and they're working in tandem. I really [appreciate] the model of being able to reach out and really get a live person to respond quickly to issues. The team is [always] willing to dive in there with us and get [things] sorted out.”

Leveraging AI Tools

As AxisCare continues to grow and expand its operations, Micah envisions AI playing a pivotal role in augmenting HR practices, and he’s already been reaping the benefits of GoCo’s AI capabilities.

“One thing I’m really enjoying and still finding little nuances of is the Magic Docs,” Micah said. “Recently I was able to use the AI feature in GoCo to say, ‘Hey, draft me a letter of employment, and then put in all these fields.’ It auto-filled all the employee’s relevant information, and boom, I had a great letter of employment done in a fraction of the time it would have taken me. And now it's ready as a template for me to use for future employees! So just finding little things that make my life easier has been delightful for me.”

While AI is not intended to replace HR practitioners, Micah emphasizes the importance of leveraging AI as a strategic tool to enhance productivity and drive innovation in HR operations.

How GoCo Can Help Other Organizations

Looking ahead, Micah remains excited about GoCo's continuous innovation and commitment to empowering HR professionals with cutting-edge technology. He appreciates GoCo's agility in developing new features and integrations, making it easier for organizations like AxisCare to adapt to changing needs and stay ahead in the competitive market.

By embracing innovation and leveraging the capabilities of platforms like GoCo, organizations can streamline operations, enhance employee experiences, and drive sustainable growth.

“I didn't need a product that would say, ‘Hey, figure it out,’ but instead one that had people who could come alongside me and really be partners in making this thing happen while we’re launching an HR department from scratch,” Micah said. “It's my goal at the end of the day to make AxisCare an amazing place to work, and GoCo really helps with that.”

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