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4 Reasons to Automate Employee Requests

Why it's time to streamline your employee request workflows, and how to do it efficiently.

Aimie Ye

by Aimie Ye - August 3rd, 2020

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that efficiency is key. HR managers all over are reviewing their existing processes and finding the most productive methods for onboarding, offboarding, employee engagement and more during a time of uncertainty. In addition to the “typical” duties, HR pros are often tasked with collecting and approving requests like:

Tasks that need approval:

  • Travel Requests

      • Business trips, seminars, etc.

  • Professional Development & Training Requests

      • Webinars, online courses, diversity training and other requests

  • Bonus & Compensation Change Requests

  • Role-Change & Promotion Requests

  • Fringe benefits or small bonus requests (this can go both places)

      • Get approval and distribute rewards for a friendly competition

Tasks that can be done at a designated time:

    • Equipment Requests

      • Laptops, desktops, and other equipment needed for the job

    • Supply Requests

      • Office supplies, crafts, and other supplies necessary for employee work

Each type of employee request requires HR involvement, whether that be approving equipment applications or verifying new supply pricing. Requests may also be time-sensitive and crucial to the continued success of team members.

Without a streamlined process for managing and tracking request workflows, pain points arise for both employees and HR managers. Employees may feel guilty for constantly reaching out to check on the status of their requests, and HR managers may feel guilty that they are unable to provide updates in a straightforward way. Having a clear process for submitting, collaborating on, and tracking requests can help in these ways:

  • Employees have a clear understanding of how to submit and track requests crucial to their success

  • HR stays organized by consolidating requests in one place, instead of over email, chat, in-person, and more

With the shift to remote work, now is the time to automate employee requests. Here’s why.

Benefits of Automating Employee Requests

1. Save Time & Reduce Error

With the admin process automated, you can easily focus on high-value tasks within your organization, all while reducing potential for human error. Workflow software like GoCo helps create standardized templates for employee requests and HR approval workflows.

2. Keep Employees Engaged

Your team is your most valuable asset. Providing employees with a simple, digitized option for requesting resources lets them know that their needs are valued, and HR pros can better provide them with tools for success.

3. Improve Communication

Automated HR workflow software like GoCo helps open up communication channels between direct managers, employees and HR pros. You can easily assign tasks and trigger reminders so that requests are completed efficiently.

4. Never Miss a Step

Streamlining the employee request process holds you accountable even in the busiest of times. Creating custom drag and drop checklists with due dates helps ensure consistency and sets clear timelines for both the employee and the manager.

How to Use Workflow Automation for Employee Requests

With GoCo’s HR workflows feature, it’s easy to take action and begin streamlining employee request workflows.

In this example, we’re going to create a request form that employees can use to request new equipment. The same checklist can be used to create other types of request forms!

1. Create a custom template for employee requests:

  • Add name, description and icon

  • Designate permissions levels for parties involved

  • Create a custom checklist for a complete equipment request workflow

  • Group tasks by employee, manager, and department if necessary

  • Assign tasks and due dates to the appropriate team members to ensure timely completion

  • Insert relevant form fields to collect information (i.e. equipment requested, descriptions, etc.)

2. Start the equipment request workflow

    • After you’ve created your employee request template,  employees can initiate workflows when they'd like to request equipment

    • Once an employee starts the workflow, you can dynamically assign tasks to their manager to minimize back-and-forth and keep everyone on track.

    equipment request workflow screenshot

    3. Trigger alerts and view assignees and task completion status in regards to new hire orientation

    Trigger alerts and view assignees and task completion status in regards to new hire orientation

    GoCo’s new workflows feature helps HR pros create templates, workflows, and assignees for employee requests. Schedule a demo today!