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The Importance of Streamlining Your HR Checklist

Still using spreadsheets and paper-based HR processes? Now is the time to take the leap.

Nick Schurk

by Nick Schurk - February 12th, 2023


If you're like any other HR pro, you have struggled with balancing endless components to keep your company afloat: 

To name just a few.

Each HR element breaks down into a plethora of additional tasks and checklists. Regardless, many businesses still use spreadsheets and paper-based processes for human resource management. This inefficiency causes HR professionals to wonder how they can handle constantly changing compliance laws and new HR trends in addition to existing HR tasks. 

Our advice? Take the leap and streamline your human resources with automated workflows and cloud-based HR technology. Here are some significant ways your business will benefit.

Create Time to Focus On What Matters

Spreadsheets and paper-based tasks take up a lot of time. From manually generating new hire documents to tracking paid leave, every job takes more of HR's time, and the problem worsens as your workforce grows. 

Streamlining tasks like creating customized onboarding documents or collecting payroll information allows HR pros to reduce burnout on administrative work and instead focus on strategic work. This shift in focus enables HR pros to align better with business goals and create an outstanding company culture.

Align Your Team

Besides saving time, HR checklist automation and cloud-based solutions allow you to easily set up reminders and tasks while notifying all relevant parties. You'll notice you spend much less time hunting down coworkers and managers for proper permissions and information. 

Simplify Compliance

Employment laws can quickly become a headache when you juggle overtime, time tracking, parental leave, paid sick leave, offboarding, and wage standards. Automating workflows from start to finish can help you easily track and update data regarding new compliance regulations and take the mess out of your hands.

Speed Up Onboarding & Offboarding

You've found the perfect employee, so why are you dreading the onboarding process? Automating workflows allows you to fully standardize onboarding in one place, from running background checks to setting up a new laptop. Never miss a step again.

The same goes for offboarding. Streamlining your termination checklist helps you organize resignation letters, termination forms, and internal communications. 

Streamline Your HR Workflows

GoCo's HRIS technology is the way to go if you're ready to get your time back. Our new workflows feature will allow you to automate most manual tasks in one place. Build custom templates, collaborate with coworkers, and track all workflows in HRIS, so you never misplace a thing. Take a tour to learn more!

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