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New Feature: Employee Time Tracking Kiosk

GoCo’s time clock kiosk guarantees a pain-free employee clock-in experience and gives employers a central solution for managing attendance.

Aimie Ye

by Aimie Ye - October 15th, 2020


It’s 2020 -- if you’re still using an old-school time clock system, this is how your employees probably perceive you.

If that’s the case, have no fear! We’re excited to help you enter the new age with an easy-to-use digital time clock system.

Modernize Your Old-Fashioned Time Clock System

Time-tracking can be a headache for HR teams and business owners when a manual or traditional punch card time clock is still in use. Whether you work in the construction, retail, or even tech industry, accurate time-tracking is crucial for job costing and business calculations. 

GoCo’s new time tracking kiosk features:

  • Multi-Device Compatibility

        • Mount a tablet, phone, or internet-connected laptop in a designated area for employees to clock-in and out with ease.

  • Photo Capture

        • Employees can snap a photo and enter a custom pin number to clock in. Managers can review photos for identity and verification to prevent buddy-punching or fraud.

  • Fast Log-In

        • Streamline the clock-in process with quick search accessibility features and custom kiosk login pin numbers.

  • Accurate Reporting & Business Calculations

        • Easily automate overtime calculations, PTO tracking and more, all stored securely on your team’s timesheets.

  • Sync to Payroll

        • Swiftly send data from your kiosk directly to the GoCo platform to eliminate double data-entry and streamline the payroll process.

  • Easy Job Costing

        • Keep track of costs associated with specific areas of your workforce by accurately tracking employee work hours.

  • Customizable PIN Numbers

        • Instead of being assigned a randomly generated PIN number that may be hard to remember, employees and administrators can create custom PIN numbers for easy clock-in.

With our new employee time tracking kiosk, administrators and employees can access the system by web, phone or by tablet for straightforward clock-in information through the application.

If you aren’t sure about whether or not your time clock system is falling behind, here are a few red flags.


Signs You Need to Modernize Your Time Clock System 


  1. You still use pencil and paper, or a punch card time clock.

Though a traditional punch card system or a spreadsheet system may seem the most affordable, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Manual processes are prone to costly business calculation errors, and punch card systems are prone to time-tracking fraud. With no form of facial confirmation, employees may be clocking in others on their behalf.

2. Your system isn’t flexible.

Your modern time-tracking system should give you the flexibility to access time data, update reports, and be multi-device compatible. If your attendance software is outdated, you may not have mobile functionality or the ability to pull 100% accurate reports. 

3. Your employees spend a long time clocking in and out.


With a confusing or clunky time clock system, your employees don’t have the ability to quickly log-in with accuracy. With digital time tracking systems like GoCo, employees working in one location can  track their time from one device and use quick search functionality. 

GoCo Time Tracking has  everything you need to track work hours, manage absences, and ensure accurate payment. You can learn more and schedule a free demo at

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