Employee Time Tracking Kiosk

GoCo’s digital time clock system guarantees a pain-free employee clock-in experience and gives employers a central solution for managing attendance.

Modernize Your Traditional Time Clock System

Time-tracking quickly becomes a headache for business owners with an old-fashioned punch card system. From construction to retail businesses, accurate time-tracking crucial for job costing and business calculations. GoCo’s time tracking kiosk provides a fast and seamless experience for employees and employers alike.

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Multi-Device Compatible

Mount a tablet or internet-connected laptop in a designated area for employees to clock-in and out with ease.

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Photo Capture

Employees snap a photo and enter their custom pin to clock in. Managers can review photos for identity verification.

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Fast Log-In

Streamline the clock-in process with employee quick search features and custom kiosk login pins.

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Accurate Reporting & Calculations

Automate overtime calculations, PTO tracking and more, stored securely on your team’s timesheets.

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Sync to Payroll

Send data from your kiosk directly to the GoCo platform to eliminate double data-entry and streamline the payroll process.

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Easy Job Costing

Keep track of costs associated with specific areas of your workforce by accurately tracking employee work hours.

Benefits of a Digital Time Clock

  • Track time with 100% accuracy
  • See who’s on the clock
  • Designate a specific device to eliminate theft and buddy punching

How Can Employees Access the Kiosk?

Once an administrator enables time-tracking kiosks and adds devices, employees can clock-in easily from the kiosk set up at their work location.

By Web

Access the Kiosk online for consolidated reports, timesheets, and employee management. Easily make adjustments through the web dashboard.

By Tablet

Similar to the mobile app, tablets are an easy way for employees to clock-in from one device. The kiosk functions on any tablet with an internet connection, and speeds up the sign-in process.

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