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9 Small Businesses in Boston and Maine to Support This Small Business Week

We’ve asked GoCo employees across the country to list some of their most beloved small businesses in their city. Here are Amy's picks for Boston and Maine!

by Amy Panza, Sr. SMB Sales Manager @ GoCo - April 24th, 2024


To celebrate Small Business Week (April 28-May 4, 2024), we’ve asked GoCo employees across the country to list some of their most beloved small businesses. 

Up next is Amy Panza, Senior SMB Sales Manager. Amy lives in Watertown, MA (9 miles outside of Boston), but also spends part of her time in the Sebago Lakes region in Maine, so she is sharing her favorite spots in both locations.

Check out her small business recommendations below!

1. For Beers & Delicious Food: Standard Gastropub

Address: 233 Main Street, Bridgton, ME


“Standard Gastropub has been around for over 10 years. The owners took over an old gas station, converted the coolers into an impressive craft beer selection, and created a menu using locally sourced ingredients. For the first few years, they even kept selling gas as a marketing strategy. You can get anything from smoked brisket to Korean chicken sandwiches to delicious salads. Definitely get a side of their brussels sprouts that are flash fried and tossed with brown sugar, sea salt & soy-ginger-lime sauce.”

2. For Fresh-Caught Fish: Mr. Tuna

Address: 28 Monument Square, Portland, ME


“Mr. Tuna started as a food truck that parked at local breweries and the Promenade. It has since grown to have a location in downtown Portland. They use the freshest ingredients, including tuna caught that morning, to create a delicious assortment of sushi and sashimi. My favorite item on their menu is their sushi burritos. Plus, who doesn’t love a tuna fish dressed in a suit for a logo!!”

3. For A Refreshing Sip: Root Wild Kombucha

Address: 135 Washington Ave, Portland, ME


“If you love kombucha, you definitely need to check Root Wild out. They use all locally farmed and foraged ingredients and have awesome flavors to choose from such as Strawberry with  Rhubarb, Wild Blueberry with Echinacea Root and Lemon Thyme, or Pineapple with Jalapeno and Turmeric. They also have a fun tasting room with indoor and outdoor games and, of course, dogs are welcome.”

4. For A Unique Gift: Westcott Mercantile

Address: 61 Leonard Street, Belmont, MA


“If you are in the area and in need of a gift for someone (...or for yourself), check out Westcott Mercantile. When you walk inside, it is reminiscent of an old-style general store and has a collection of eclectic secondhand items mixed in with beautiful and unique options from local, regional, and international artisans. The store is always changing so it is always a pleasure to take a stroll through and see what new and interesting items are for sale.”

5. For an International Treat: Sevan Bakery

Address: 599 Mt Auburn St, Watertown, MA


“Watertown has many amazing options for Armenian & Middle Eastern food, and Sevan Bakery is at the top of the list! Family-owned since 1971, the store offers everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to freshly prepared food, from old family recipes handed down for generations to a complete line of international specialty foods that can’t be found in many large supermarkets. If you stop by, be sure to try their whipped feta!”

6. For Your Next Read: Newtonville Books

Address: 10 Langley Road, Newton, MA


“Newtonville Books has been open for over 20 years. You walk into a front counter made out of used and remaindered books. The store has a warm, welcoming atmosphere that allows customers to spend time perusing through the impressive collection of books and other eclectic items for sale. The store has ladders that customers can climb to be able to see all of the books they have to offer. If you are looking to support a locally owned bookstore loved by its community, stop by Newtonville Books.”

7. For Giving Back: Breaktime 

Address: 170 Portland Street, Boston, MA


“Breaktime is a great organization locally that is fighting to break the cycle of homelessness by supplying young adults with what they need to achieve job, financial, and long-term housing security.”

8. For Getting Involved & Getting Outside: Project Bread 

Address: 145 Border Street, East Boston, MA


“Great local organization that connects families with reliable sources of food and also advocates for policies that make food more accessible to everyone that needs it. A great way to support this organization is by taking part in the Walk For Hunger that happens in May.”

9. For Women’s Empowerment: Strong Women, Strong Girls

Address: 333 Armory Street, #3R-3, Jamaica Plain, MA  


“Wonderful local organization that was launched at Harvard University. It focuses on empowering girls and women in the Boston area to realize their inner strength and pursue their dreams. They work to counter the social pressures that discourage girls in under-resourced communities by combining multi-generational mentoring to build a community of strength around every girl.”

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