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New! Workflow Reports & Scheduling

Our Workflows feature has been enhanced and now supports scheduling and reporting!


Our latest release has added two exciting new updates to workflows! 🎉 We’re thrilled to announce new capabilities in our workflows feature that will allow for more efficient automation and flexible reporting.


We’ve expanded workflows to include the scheduling functionality available in our COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker, so you can automate your processes by setting any workflow template to start automatically on a specific schedule. 

Set them to start yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or a custom frequency!

workflow scheduling screenshot

For example, you may have a reimbursement workflow for employees to submit their expenses. You can now schedule it to occur monthly so you can collect the receipts from all employees prior to running payroll without having to lift a finger. The workflow will automatically start on the day of your choosing to ensure your employees submit on time.

You can even set up multiple schedules for your reimbursement workflow if a group of employees gets paid on a different frequency. 


Workflow fields are a vital part of every template. Custom fields have been reportable for a while in GoCo and, now, so are workflow fields! Introducing Workflow Reports - a comprehensive way to look at your workflow and task data.

Available from both the reports section and from the workflows section of GoCo. 

workflow reporting screenshot

Say you have a workflow to manage the company equipment issued to your employees. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to run a report, not just on the fields that captured what equipment was issued, but also when it was issued (workflow completed date), what department they’re in, and who signed off on it (task assignee)? Now you can!

Get granular with our report filters when you create flexible custom workflow reports. Choose to view data only from a specific workflow template, or only from workflows with a specific status (i.e. incomplete). 

Customize the time period you want to look at - want to see only workflows started in the last month? The last quarter? The last 6 months? Take your pick, we can do it!

You can choose to sort your report automatically based on your employees’ names or by the workflow template. You can add all the fields available in custom reports as well as new fields for your workflow task data. 

We know these will be powerful tools to help meet your organization’s growing needs for automation and reporting. We hope you enjoy them.

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