Our Favorite Working-from-Home Fails to Brighten Your Day

Twitter is loving all the funny #wfhfails that are happening as a result of social distancing. Here are a few of our faves, including one of our own!

by Allie Collins, Director of Marketing @ GoCo

As a working mom with a busy life, I’m ordinarily a big proponent of working from home once or twice a week. But that usually means my kid is in daycare, my husband is at work, and I’ve got a quiet house that’s primed for deep work.

But like many families, that is pretty much the opposite of what is happening in my house today. My 4-year-old is literally climbing the walls behind me and my husband is noisily doomsday prepping while my messy-bun and I juggle back-to-back Zoom meetings. 

One of the few joys to emerge from the chaos of March 2020 is all the hilarious working-from-home fails popping up on Twitter. We could all use a little comic relief today, so I put together a few of my favorite tweets about people who might be struggling even more than we are. Enjoy!

  1. This couple, who might want to consider adding a dress code to their remote work policy

  2. These parents who thought they were on top of it

  3. This poor soul who needs a lesson in how to pause video on Zoom… or how to hold it

  4. This mom whose son has great power and great responsibility

  5. This professor who at least got an apology!

  6. All of us suffering from Wi-Fi and VPN issues

  7. This lone wolf, who’s feeling a little too socially distant

  8. This kid, who just isn’t pulling his own weight

  9. This expectant mother, who wasn’t expecting this…

  10. This cat, who has important business to take care of…

  11. This jack-of-all-trades who wears many hats

  12. These dogs who make no bones about working from home

  13. And finally, our very own GoCo Client Success Manager, whose son had a gift for all of us on Zoom with a client last week

Got a working from home fail, aka #WFHFail, to share? Tag GoCo on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll share our faves!

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