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9 E-Recruiting Tools to Manage Your Hybrid Workforce

An actionable guide on which tools to use in order to find and retain the best talent

Petra Odak, Chief Marketing Officer at Better Proposals

by Petra Odak, Chief Marketing Officer at Better Proposals - August 11th, 2021

With the biggest shift to remote working we have ever seen, it’s become evident that our recruiting process needs some adjustments. More and more companies are looking to hire remote workers and countries worldwide are changing their employment laws, making it easier to recruit employees. 

Research shows that around 62% of employees aged 22 to 65 work remotely at least occasionally. This is a substantial number of people who are getting used to a new way of working and expecting to go through a new hire onboarding process just like employees in offices would. 

Since this situation creates a new set of challenges for both recruitment agents and potential employees, we’ve created an actionable guide on which tools to use in order to help you find and retain the best talent for your company. 

JazzHRthe jazzhr logo

JazzHR lets you streamline your recruiting process, from candidate sourcing, employer branding, interviews, reporting, and more. It helps you track applicants throughout the process so that you have a clear view of where everyone is in the recruitment process. 

The platform helps you automate your processes by eliminating redundant applicant tracking tasks. You can post job listings on 15 free job boards at no extra cost, but our favorite feature is importing the passive job candidates. 

Often, a perfect candidate already has a job and isn’t actively looking for another one. Since candidates like that are hard to reach, JazzHR has created a Candidate Importer Browser Plugin that finds prospects on sites like LinkedIn, Github, and AngelList and lets you easily import them to your account. 

This ultimately diminishes the need for paying for several accounts on different platforms, like LinkedIn recruiter accounts. 

Textiothe textio logo

If you’re looking for a tool that will help you write unbiased job listings that attract a wide range of people, you’ll love Textio. The business believes in a culture of belonging and the augmented writing platform makes sure every word in your job listings counts towards an engaging job listing. 

Textio offers advanced language insights into your hiring content, which will help you engage passive candidates and give you tips on how to attract more women, people with diverse cultural backgrounds or experiences and more. 

GoCothe GoCo logo

GoCo helps you simplify your HR workflow by bringing employee records, time off, documents, and everything else into one place. It offers flexibility and with its user-friendly interface, you’ll easily streamline your onboarding process. 

GoCo gives you the option to send an offer letter (that can easily be signed using a digital signature) and acquire tax withholding information in a matter of minutes. Once your new hire starts working, their first day can go smoothly with a digital onboarding checklist, and new hire packets for training and orientation. 

The benefits of this tool don’t stop once you find the perfect candidate, since it also helps you streamline your entire HR process. That makes it a great investment for companies that hire a lot of new employees, as well as for small businesses that don’t have the bandwidth to do everything manually. 

ProofHubthe ProofHub logo

From interviewing prospective employees to onboarding, proper support to the allocation of resources, and robust communication ProofHub is an ideal HR management software. It helps teams to effectively work with the job demands-resource model, strategic human resource management, HR analytics, and more.

ProofHub helps HR teams manage cross-departmental projects like candidate interviews, onboarding, improving processes, and streamlining workflows for high-functioning teams. Further, ProofHub also enables effective communication among teams and facilitates external communication with clients as stakeholders as well. 

You can now automate recurring processes, customize templates, ensure full transparency and coordination among teams, prioritize compelling goals, and streamline daily workflow with ProofHub.

Toggl Hirethe Toggl Hire logo

Toggl Hire offers screening for all your applicants. Whether you’re hiring a developer, marketer, sales, or customer service agent, you’ll love Toggl Hire. The first step is sending your applicants automatic and customizable tests and once they finish, the tool will automatically grade them based on other applicants. 

Pre-screening will help you cut down the time it takes to hire someone since you’ll have a great pool of applicants to interview and won’t spend time interviewing bad candidates with good resumes. 

HireVuethe HireVue logo

HireVue helps you build a faster and easier hiring process. It’s a great tool that lets you hire people from anywhere in the world since it lets your potential hires record interviews for you. You can ask them questions and have them record the answer with their smartphones

Other than filming your interviews, HireVue will let you streamline the early phases of the hiring process and help you save time and resources. 

FactoHRthe FactoHR logo

FactoHR is a smart HR and payroll software that simplifies and automates your day-to-day tasks like calculating, managing, and processing salaries. It helps you integrate and combine income and deduct data from attendance, leaves, income tax, salary revisions, reimbursements, and more.

Reducing the time and cost of your HR is achievable while not compromising the quality of the service with FactoHR. It lets you streamline the whole process but also allows you to focus on the essential functions you don’t want to leave to chance. 

The payroll option is cloud-based and offers secure, scalable, and seamless integrations that will be loved both by you and your employees. 

Xrefthe Xref logo

Xref is a great tool for checking online references for your potential hires. Checking references can be tedious, but Xref will help you request one or multiple references in minutes and receive fast, honest feedback within 24 hours. 

Xref conducts operations across the globe, including Australia, Canada, the UK, and Singapore. It’s a great tool that helps you fight fraud, discrimination, and privacy breaches. The tool utilizes data to strengthen your hiring process and creates unique reports with relevant insight for each candidate.  

SmartPalthe SmartPal logo

SmartPal is a global recruiting chatbot software that lets you answer FAQs, engage talent, and schedule interviews in 7 languages - English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Chinese. 

Not only is that a great number of languages, but the tool also offers around-the-clock availability. It offers your team the opportunity to focus on converting quality candidates at scale. 

You can engage with candidates on social platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, SMS, and more. You can deliver the right type of content for all candidates throughout every step of the recruitment. Engage them with your videos, blogs, ebooks, and any other content about your company that might prove to be valuable to them. 

Besides chatbots, SmartPal helps candidates discover jobs through artificial intelligence in order to build up your company’s talent pool. 


Anytime we witness a huge change in the market, we need to adapt quickly for a seamless transition, and this time, the transition was made from working in an office to a remote or hybrid way of working. 

Thankfully, there are a variety of tools that can help big and small companies recruit the best candidates, interview them digitally and onboard them in a quick and easy way.

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