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Broker HCM Discovery Playbook - How to Identify Your Client's Needs

GoCo can provide you with a diagnostic kit to help identify your clients' HR technology challenges and determine if referring them to HCM providers would benefit them.

June 26th, 2023


Gartner reports that 44% of HR leaders prioritize using HR technology to improve business outcomes in the next three years. As a trusted advisor, you can enhance your relationships with new or existing clients by advising them to streamline and consolidate their HR technology. 

GoCo can provide you with a diagnostic kit to help identify your clients' HR technology challenges and determine if referring them to HCM providers would benefit them.

Every broker has a specific approach to identifying their clients' issues and obstacles. However, it's advisable to establish a consistent set of questions for every client that uncovers HR, Payroll, & Benefits Administration challenges. 

Set a specific time aside with current clients and use this as a part of your new client discovery.

Start by understanding your client’s situation and their full HR, Payroll, and Benefits process by asking questions such as:

  • Are you using an all-in-one solution or multiple systems? 

  • Which one(s)? 

  • What function(s) does each serve?

  • Can you walk me through what it looks like for a new hire to get onboarded, set up in payroll, and enrolled in benefits?”

Once you know their current process, drill down to identify their pain points and challenges by asking them questions such as:

  • What challenges do you face with these systems/processes, and which do you spend the most time on?

  • Do the systems communicate with each other? 

  • Do they share information, or do you have to do redundant data entry? 

  • What is support like when you need help with the platform?

  • What processes are currently manual that you’d like to streamline today?

  • Where do you store employee documents?

  • How long does it take you to onboard a new employee, and can they digitally enroll in benefits during the onboarding process?

  • How much time do you spend on open enrollment each year?

  • How easy is it for employees to access their employee documents, payroll information/paystubs, and benefits information?

Next, gather information on the impact they want to make. Is it time-savings, money savings, compliance, employee experience, or maybe a bit of everything? Ask them the following:

  • What are your biggest initiatives over the next few years? Saving time and money, consolidating systems, eliminating manual tasks and paperwork, employee experience, or maybe all of the above?

  • What options have you explored?

  • How can I assist you in improving your HR & Benefits Administration processes?

  • Would you be open to exploring platforms I currently partner with to see if this could help with your initiatives?

  • When would you like to start looking at platforms and implementing changes?

After the assessment, you will have a thorough understanding of the following:

  • The HR, payroll, and benefits technology currently in use, including which systems are already integrated and which processes are still done manually or on paper.

  • The employee and administrator experience with the current systems.

  • The obstacles and challenges faced, such as manual and paper processes, multiple systems, redundant data entry, poor admin and employee experiences, and excessive time spent on administrative tasks or manual processes.

  • Ways you can help evaluate potential improvements or options and the timeline to complete the project.

The world of employee benefits is becoming increasingly intricate. As a result, companies are relying on benefits brokers to guide them through their options, stay competitive for talented employees, and provide assistance and education whenever necessary. Despite the challenges of rising costs and a growing range of benefits to choose from, brokers like you can enhance your services by becoming a true partner in HR rather than just a service provider.

At GoCo, we are revolutionizing the benefits landscape through purpose-built features. By integrating HR and Benefits into a single self-service interface, we provide employees with the flexible technology they desire while eliminating tedious manual processes from HR's to-do list. Partner with GoCo today!

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