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T[HR]iving with GoCo: American Pharmacies

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Jun 18 · Tuesday


Join us for a first-hand exploration of HR & benadmin technology with "T[hr]iving with American Pharmacies: A Live Client Case Study" on June 18, 2024 at 11:30 am CT. In this webinar, Nir Leibovich (GoCo Co-founder & CEO) and Rida Ashraf (Director of Benefits & Paralegal at American Pharmacies) will take you through the journey of American Pharmacies as they embraced GoCo to streamline their BenAdmin processes.

👤 About Our Guest

Uncover the story behind American Pharmacies, the hurdles they encountered, and the aspirations that motivated them to seek innovative solutions. Gain insights into the challenges they aimed to overcome and the strategic direction that steered them towards a solution harmonizing seamlessly with their core objectives.

💼 Key Considerations

Dive into the essential aspects that guided American Pharmacies' choice in using GoCo to streamline their BenAdmin processes:

  • Learn about American Pharmacies' motivations in seeking innovative solutions

  • How GoCo's BenAdmin capabilities have been a game changer for American Pharmacies' operations

  • How GoCo has impacted client and employee experiences at American Pharmacies

🤝 Implementation Journey and Client Service Excellence

Get an inside look at American Pharmacies' implementation experience and explore their firsthand account of the client service experience with GoCo.

❤️ Hear Directly from GoCO CEO Nir Leibovich

Hear Nir discuss the latest strategies and successes behind GoCo's BenAdmin technology, and get your questions answered in real-time. Don’t miss this chance to connect with our CEO and gain valuable knowledge to help drive your business forward.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from real-world experiences and gain actionable insights into the transformative power of GoCo in the HR landscape.

Nir Leibovich

Nir Leibovich

GoCo Co-Founder & CEO

Rida Ashraf

Rida Ashraf

Director of Benefits & Paralegal

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