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T[HR]iving with GoCo: AxisCare

Embark on a transformative journey through T[HR]iving with GoCo, where industry leaders share real-world experiences, insights, and success stories, showcasing how GoCo's all-in-one HRIS empowers organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of Human Resources.

Feb 6 · Tuesday


Join us for an insightful journey into the world of HR technology with "T[HR]iving with GoCo: A Live Client Case Study." In this exclusive webinar, Nir Leibovich (GoCo Co-founder & CEO) and Micah Key (Director of People and Culture at AxisCare) will delve into the experiences of AxisCare — a dynamic organization in the healthcare industry — as they transitioned to GoCo, an all-in-one HRIS solution.

👤 About Our Guest

Discover the story behind AxisCare, the challenges they faced, and the goals that drove them to explore new HRIS options. Learn about the pain points they aimed to address and the strategic vision that led them to seek a solution to align seamlessly with their goals and values.

💼 Key Considerations

Dive into the essential aspects that guided AxisCare's choice in an HRIS. Uncover the priorities that were non-negotiable for their organization and the criteria that shaped their expectations for a transformative HR solution.

🚀 Smooth Implementation Journey

Get an inside look at AxisCare's implementation experience with GoCo. Discover how a seamless transition to a new HRIS positively impacted their workflows, employee engagement, and overall operational efficiency.

🤝 Client Service Excellence

Explore AxisCare's firsthand account of the client service experience with GoCo. Learn how responsive and supportive service has played a pivotal role in ensuring the success of their HRIS adoption.

❤️ Why GoCo?

Delight in AxisCare's experiences and discover what they love about GoCo. Uncover the unique aspects of the platform that have become invaluable to their daily operations and overall organizational culture.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from real-world experiences and gain actionable insights into the transformative power of GoCo in the HR landscape.

Nir Leibovich

Nir Leibovich

GoCo Co-Founder & CEO

Micah Key

Micah Key

AxisCare Director of People and Culture

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