15Five Integration

Unlock the Potential of Every Member of the Global Workforce

15Five is the holistic performance management company that helps HR leaders create better managers and successful employees.

Turn Engagement Insights into Engagement Outcomes

Tap into the pulse of your organization with our evidence-based assessment and easy-to-use analysis tools. Quickly find out what’s working and not working in your organization. Then, take action by giving managers and employees tried-and-tested tools to drive engagement outcomes.

Ignite High Performance

Measure performance and inspire growth with our modern, multifaceted approach to performance reviews. Our intuitive solution helps managers to measure, support and elevate their team’s performance

Focus on What Matters

We make OKRs and goal setting easier than ever. Clarify and track the top objectives for everyone across your organization. Actionable insights and planning tools inspire everyone to move forward together.

Upskill Your Managers

A blended learning solution designed to turn managers into leaders who know how to drive performance and employee engagement at the same time.

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