HR Software for Construction Companies

In the fast-paced world of construction, every minute counts, which is why you need an HR solution that is easy and affordable.

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Mobile Access

Mobile First Technology

Access GoCo anywhere, from any device. With GoCo at their fingertips (or in their back pockets), your workers get prompt notifications and easy access to HR info and services whether they’re at home, in the field, or in the office.

GoCo’s mobile app makes it simple for your team to view their schedules, clock in/out, access payroll and benefits, and request time, all from their smartphones.


Smooth & Compliant Onboarding

Transform your onboarding into a seamless, paperless process with GoCo. We help make new hire compliance simple with delivered electronic forms and an E-Verify integration.

You can guarantee a great first day by standardizing new hire packets, training and orientation, and any other onboarding task or checklist.

Customize each experience so your workers only complete steps relevant to their job and department.


Communicate with Ease

Our Messaging tool transforms how you reach your team across various job sites and locations. Easily create and send mass text messages or emails to your distributed workforce to ensure everyone is on the same page and important information is never missed.


Workflows for All Your HR & Compliance Needs

Many construction companies have specific tracking and compliance requirements they need to stay on top of. GoCo makes it easy with our robust workflows and embedded compliance solutions. From OSHA reporting to license tracking - we can ensure you have the tools you need.


Payroll Your Way

We understand the complexity of payroll in the construction industry - and sometimes changing solutions is not an option.

Whether you want to leverage GoCo’s robust embedded payroll platform or stick with your own, we can support you.

With our payroll sync dashboard, we make it easy to track any changes to employee or pay data so you can easily keep any payroll system up to date.


Time Tracking Simplified

No matter where your team is, we make it simple to create schedules, track attendance, and accurately log hours toward project codes. Whether you are looking for kiosk mode or mobile clock-in with geofencing, we have you covered.


Dedicated, Award-Winning Support

Your questions are our priority. Every construction client is assigned a dedicated support team that you will have a direct line to contact. We are more than an HR platform; we are your partner in all things HR.

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“The most helpful thing about GoCo is that the company can be done with paper, and it's easy to send documents to employees who are out of state at job sites. Our employees, especially our supervisors, like that they don't have to print out paperwork anymore on the job sites.”

“Life before GoCo was a lot more paperwork. GoCo helped me to organize and put together a platform for HR. It’s a game-changing organizational tool that I love.”

“GoCo has helped us to organize our hiring and onboarding processes immensely. Having more than half our staff in the field each day, it is a wonderful tool for communication and documentation acknowledgement as well.”

“GoCo is honestly great. Onboarding has become easy for all hires, even those less technologically inclined, and we rarely have issues even with our remote field employees.”

“GoCo has been helpful in getting our small business going when we didn't have an HR department. The GoCo staff have all been helpful and honest in helping our team transition to the online base system.”

Everything Your Construction Company Needs in One Place

GoCo offers a robust all-in-one platform for small and mid-sized businesses. Every client starts with Premium HR – from there, you can select the solutions your business needs.

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Time Tracking


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