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Team Permissions - Full control over your team's access

Axel Norvell, Lead Designer @ GoCo

by Axel Norvell, Lead Designer @ GoCo - March 20th, 2017


Wish you could have more control over what certain team members can view and manage for your company on GoCo?  Now you can with the improved Team Permissions!

With this GoCo update, you'll now be able to view and modify your Admins & Managers from the Permissions tab on the Team page.

Admins: Customize Permissions

Admins generally have more access than managers do.  You can decide exactly what each admin can access:

  • Full-Access - Gives the admin full access to all company and team information.

  • Limited Access - Specific exactly what this admin has access to.


For an admin with limited access, you can decide to grant them specific privileges.  These privileges are broken down into company and team level access:

Company Permissions

Company level permissions will give this admin access to all team members in the company, and allow them to do things such as:

  • Manage company settings - Access the company page and can manage basic company info (name, address, logo), Integrations, Document Templates, On-boarding Tasks, Locations & Departments.
    Note: only admins with "Full Access" will be able to manage permissions for the company.

  • Manage benefits -  Manage benefits for the company, including viewing benefit configuration, eligibility and enrollments, approving life events, and viewing reports related to open enrollment participation.

Team Permissions

With team permissions, you can scope what team members an admin has access to, ranging from specific departments to locations.  For example, if you wanted to have an admin that oversees and manages all team members in the Sales department, you can do that by granting them access to just the Sales department.

You decide what permissions to grant the limited admin:

  • Hire, terminate, and edit team info - Hire team members, and edit their information.

  • View sensitive info for team members - View compensation, SSNs, direct deposit bank info, tax withholdings, documents and time off liabilities.

  • Complete Form I-9 - Complete the I-9 certification workflow.

  • Manage Time Off - View, manage and approve time off requests and modify PTO balances.

  • Manage Team Feedback - View team feedback ratings and comment on employee timelines.

Managers: Toggle Compensation Visibility

Just as before, you can view all your managers and decide if they can view sensitive information for your team such as salaries, wages and stock options.  Managers only have access to their direct reports (unless they are added as an admin).



We hope you like the new Team Permissions!  If you have any questions related to the new update please feel free to contact us.