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Time Off on GoCo just got even better!

November 7th, 2017

If you use GoCo to manage your team's time off, you're in luck! We've made it even better! Here are some of the highlights:

Before: Your team could request partial days off, but they couldn't specify what time they'd be out of office.
After: Your team can specify the time range they'll be OOO. It'll even show up on the calendar in the right time slot.

Before: Your team could accrue time off based on tenure, but the maximum time off cap was not based on tenure -- it was applied to everyone on your team.
After: The maximum time off cap can now be based on tenure.

Before: Setting up a PTO policy could become complicated.
After: We've made it much more intuitive and offer up a preview of what an employee's accrual schedule might look like so you know everything is setup perfectly.

Before: If someone's time off spanned across two pay periods, the PTO report would show the total amount of days off in just the first pay period period.
After: The PTO report will appropriately distribute the number of days off in each pay period.

We also threw in:

  • Bi-Annual, monthly, weekly accrual intervals

  • Ability to rename / delete policies

  • 0.5 Hour request increments

  • Support decimal hours in a work day (6.5 hours per work day)

  • Managers can no longer modify PTO balances

  • PTO report now shows active/terminated

And as a special bonus, it's now way easier to bulk update your team's managers. Just go to:
Team > Permissions > Managers