COVID-19 Paid Leave

Track and Manage COVID-19 Paid Leave

With GoCo, you can track Time Off requests related to the latest COVID-19 paid-leave rules. All requests, approvals, and supporting documents are collected and tracked digitally, so you can stay in compliance and get reimbursed.

Leave policies built specifically for COVID-19

GoCo’s built-in leave policies for both Emergency Paid Sick Leave and E-FMLA ensure you’re tracking leave requests in compliance with the Families First Coronavirus Response Act. The FFCRA requires:

Emergency Family Sick Leave

Employees must be given Paid Sick Leave if they are unable to work due to COVID-19.

Emergency Family Medical Leave Act

Employees must be given EFMLA leave if they need to take care of a child and cannot work due to COVID-19.

GoCo gives you everything you need to track and implement a COVID-19 paid leave policy.

Leave Balances

GoCo’s leave management software calculates the correct amount of leave for each type of employee for both Emergency Paid Sick Leave and EFMLA.

Documentation Data

GoCo’s COVID-19 leave tracking software will ask the employee to provide the correct documentation data for each type of leave request.

Required Reasons

Employees are required to select one or more of the reasons required by the government to request leave related to COVID-19.

Approval Workflow

Leave requests are routed to Company Admins to review and approve. Any last minute adjustments to the request can be made and documented.

Waiting Periods

The employee’s hire date must be 30 days or more in the past before they can request EFMLA.

No Balance Carry-Overs

The paid time off given will not carry over to the next year. All time given will expire on Dec 31, 2020, per the regulations.

Paid vs Non-Paid Time Off

The first 10 days of Emergency Paid Sick Leave is unpaid. GoCo’s sick leave tracking feature will help you keep track of the Paid vs Unpaid balances.

Reports for Payroll

GoCo keeps track of all the leave taken, and generates a report that you can use to run payroll. If you’re using Embedded Payroll with GoCo, those hours are automatically imported to Payroll for you.

Digital Employee Rights Notice

Send the required Employee Rights to your entire team digitally. Have them view and acknowledge they received it and keep an audit trail for compliance.

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