Streamlined Employee Survey Workflows

With GoCo’s employee survey workflows, HR managers can easily customize and trigger employee engagement questionnaires to streamline the company’s survey processes and promote positive organizational culture.

No need to ask redundant questions or risk getting incorrect information -- pull variables straight from your employees profiles!

Employee Survey Checklist Automation

Create standardized questions and form fields that define the goal of your employee engagement survey. Determine the appropriate departments and managers to be included in the surveys, and assign tasks accordingly. HR can track progress and automate reminders along the way.

Make Your Employee Engagement Surveys Flow in GoCo

📝 Build Your Employee Survey

Use our drag-and-drop workflow builder to design custom form fields and questions, and gain insights into perceptions of work motivation, team dynamics, and other important topics for your organization.

🖥 Consolidate Your Information

Consolidate employee surveys in our all-in-one HR system so that team members are automatically in the database for easy information collection and management.

📈 Track Progress and To-Do’s

View outstanding and incomplete tasks involved with survey set-up and distribution. HR can oversee the survey participation process and report on findings along the way.

Automate the Admin

Standardize and streamline the questionnaire creation process.

Stop Pushing Paperwork

Back away from the paper and spreadsheets! Collect engagement surveys regularly by digitizing.

Stay in One System

View all of your HRIS & survey data in one easy, consolidated platform and say goodbye to double data entry!

Increase Productivity

Utilize the survey process to gain insights on how to increase productivity, challenge employees, and continue innovating.

Retain Your Talent

Standardize employee surveys and improve engagement to increase retention rates within your organization.

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