HR Software for Non-Profit & Education

Streamline HR processes, attract and retain top talent, and stay in compliance with nonprofit labor regulations, all while serving the public interest.

We take care of HR, so you can take care of the world.

GoCo’s all-in-one HRIS is designed with your cause in mind. Our employee management software makes hiring and onboarding, benefits, payroll, time tracking, and compliance a breeze.

Tackle Unique Compliance Challenges

Many nonprofits don’t have dedicated HR budgets, and are more vulnerable to compliance risks.

GoCo’s employee management platform offers worry- free compliance solutions for:

  • Storing & filing employment eligibility documents
  • Automating state & federal tax withholdings
  • Keeping up with the latest IRS regulations

Streamline Payroll & Tax Calculations

Running payroll is a challenge when balancing school calendars, union dues, and tax concerns in multiple states.

GoCo’s payroll solution not only makes benefit deductions and reporting easy, but also helps with tax calculations for voluntary compensation and other sector-specific challenges.

Easily Onboard a Variety of Roles

GoCo’s consolidated HR platform ensures a unified onboarding experience for your diverse workforce, with:

  • Paperless hiring documents with built-in e-signature
  • Self-service benefits enrollment
  • Intelligent payroll setup
  • Automated onboarding workflows

Virtually Manage Your Distributed Workforce

Whether you have employees in different campuses, branches, or cities, GoCo helps you standardize your HR workflows remotely.

With our easy-to-use digital time clock, self-service benefits, and the ability to track time to specific Labor Groups for job costing, employees are guaranteed a stellar experience wherever they are.

Minimize Staffing Concerns & Retain Your Best People

Nonprofits and educational organizations often pull from a smaller pool of people that truly support your mission. By automating all your manual HR tasks, you can decrease turnover and focus on high value efforts to keep your team happy.

GoCo’s HRIS keeps employees in the know by providing access to self-service benefits, pay stub information, and employment information at-a-glance.

Ditch Outdated Processes & Drive Productivity

Old-fashioned student information systems and manual spreadsheets may be slowing down your workforce.

Say goodbye to ancient HR processes and hello to automated workflows. Streamline anything from an onboarding checklist to an employee request!

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Consolidated HR for Non-Profit & Education

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