Top 10 Offer Letter Management Software in 2024

GoCo is rethinking digital employee offer letter management for small businesses (SMBs) everywhere, in addition to streamlining all of their HR processes. Read more to learn how to evaluate new hire offer management software, and compare the top solutions for your business.

Why Your Small Business Needs Job Offer Letter Management Software

For HR managers, employee onboarding is arguably the most important part of the hiring process. You’ve spent the time recruiting, interviewing, and selecting the best candidates for the job, and the last thing you want is to send a less than stellar offer letter. Sending a flawless, digital job offer is crucial in creating a lasting impression and improves the chances that new hires become long-term employees. Starting your candidates on the right foot with customized offer letters, embedded e-signatures, and fully digital hiring documents within your HR software makes you a more competitive organization as a whole. From core features to overall customer reviews, you can compare and evaluate which software fits your SMB, which likely means you’ll want a consolidated HRIS experience.

GoCo is the first choice with this criteria in mind, but take a look at the complete list below:

10 Best Job Offer Letter Management Software for Small Businesses

Best Software

  • GoCo
  • Recruiterbox
  • iCIMS Talent Cloud
  • Zoho Recruit
  • Pinpoint HQ
  • SmartRecruiters
  • Lever
  • Juro
  • HiringThing
  • Freshteam

1. GoCo

GoCo Logo

Website: Visit GoCo

G2 Rating: 4.7 (202)

GoCo is modern HR, digital offer letters, onboarding, and benefits built with usability in mind. GoCo comes in first place if you’re looking to customize, send, and manage new hire job offers while streamlining other HR functions. With GoCo, you can not only create custom offer letter templates, but you can also transform all of these documents into fillable, signable, and reportable forms. All of the paperwork and employee data that’s typically associated with the onboarding process is customized, sent, acknowledged, and recorded in minutes (yes, minutes)!

GoCo’s Key Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Send beautiful, easy-to-sign Offer Letters in seconds
  • Candidates can access, review & accept offer letters on their mobile phones
  • Transform your existing offer letter into a digital, fillable, signable, and reportable document
  • Templatize different offer letters based on department or employee type
  • Collect electronic signatures & add a wide variety of custom fields
  • Send multiple documents in one step along with the offer letters
  • Automatically populate stored data on all future relevant documents. No repeated data entry!
  • Easily report and track offer letter completion & approval progress
  • Automatically notify Hiring Managers when offers are accepted
  • Create your own offer letter template or use our default templates to start

With GoCo, HR teams can shorten the time frame for sending competitive offer letters and kickstart the onboarding process. You’ve done the work, called the candidate, and can’t wait to send the finalized document in all its glory. Keeping the process fully digital and customizable with the click of a button accelerates the flow from offer letters to the rest of the onboarding documents, like NDAs, non-compete agreements, handbooks, benefits previews, and more.

You’ll never be required to send an offer letter that doesn’t align with your organization’s style, and you can even edit and resend documents in seconds.

The cherry on top? All of your offer letters are kept and managed in the same platform as your benefits, time tracking, payroll and other HR features with a single log-in.

If you’re ready to level-up your new hire offer letters with All-in-One HR, schedule a demo to see GoCo in action.

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2. Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox is a good alternative if you are leaning towards only using a point-solution for solving offer letter & resume management pain points. The applicant tracking system is intuitive and customizable, with a goal of helping your company overcome recruitment challenges.

Recruiterbox’s Key Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Upload and create offer letter templates
  • Approval workflows available for offer letters
  • Collect e-signatures
  • Access previous offer letters
  • Enable offer stages in hiring workflow

Pricing: Recruiterbox offers 3 pricing tiers: Starter, Pro and Pro Plus, but does not disclose pricing upfront.

Though Recruiterbox is a reliable point-solution with the ability to send digital offer letters, users report that the database architecture and platform can be hard to use, and that the dashboards are not very easy to understand during the hiring process.

Regardless, Recruiterbox is a good platform for HR pros only looking to send offer letters & onboard in a standalone platform, which can be helpful if your company has disjointed HR functions.

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3. iCIMS Talent Cloud

Coming in third place is iCIMS Talent Cloud. Like Recruiterbox, iCIMS Talent Cloud is a good potential option for HR teams that want software that heavily focuses on only the hiring side of HR. The talent cloud platform aims to empower organizations to attract, engage, hire, and advance the right talent to build a diverse workforce.

iCIMS Talent Cloud’s Key Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Add personalized videos to offer letters
  • Stay cohesive by branding letters for each role
  • Access offers on any device
  • Create your own offers
  • Use templates for clause management

Pricing: iCIMS does not disclose pricing on the website. Contact for current pricing.

A few downsides to the software are that the platform appears outdated and is not the most intuitive to use. Some users report that it takes many clicks through workflows to get where you want to go.

Even so, the software is a helpful tool for applicant tracking, recruitment and offer management.

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4. Zoho Recruit

If you’re particularly interested in recruitment, Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system (ATS) that provides offer management in its candidate tracking platform. The software offers solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies and was built to solve common hurdles faced by recruiters.

Zoho Recruit’s Key Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Manage your offer stage
  • Create custom templates
  • Attach additional company documents with offer letters
  • View a complete overview of an offer letter timeline

Pricing: Zoho Recruit pricing differs for staffing agencies, corporate HR, and temporary workforces, but typically ranges from $25-$75 per user, per month, depending on the number of features.

Keep in mind that technical support is not always consistent, and that customization can be difficult, which is a downfall for companies with specific and particular HR workflows.

If you’re looking for a well-known ATS with offer management capabilities, Zoho Recruit may be a good option.

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5. Pinpoint HQ

If you have an in-house recruitment team, Pinpoint HQ may be a good option to consider. Pinpoint HQ’s talent acquisition software aims to help businesses attract fitting candidates and send digital offer letters. Again, the software doesn’t have as much of an all-in-one experience, but is worth considering for teams who want a point-solution.

Pinpoint HQ’s Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Customize offer letter templates
  • Send personalized job offers
  • Track offer acceptance
  • Give candidates a branded experience

Pricing: Pinpoint HQ does not disclose pricing for the talent acquisition software on the website.

As we mentioned above, Pinpoint HQ may not be your best bet if you are looking for a truly end-to-end, consolidated HR experience. Users report lack of integration capabilities with ATS and other HR software, which may cause duplication of some workflows.

If you’re looking for an isolated solution for recruitment marketing, hiring, and sending offer letters, you may want to explore the system further.

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6. SmartRecruiters

With a heavier emphasis on recruitment marketing, SmartRecruiters also provides offer letter management and hiring tools to make stronger hires. The platform aims to provide a good candidate experience and replace old-fashioned applicant tracking systems.

SmartRecruiters’ Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Stay compliant with integrated offer letter templates
  • Configure forms & control versions
  • Route offers directly to approvers
  • Allow candidates to view, sign, and accept offers

Pricing: SmartRecruiters offers custom pricing, so contact them for a quote.

Some users struggle with adoption pain points, as the platform isn’t always the most user-friendly, while others claim that the offer management feature is clunky.

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7. Lever

Lever Logo

Website: Visit Lever

With a focus on relationship management, Lever is another hiring point-solution that can help employers source, nurture, and manage candidates with the goal of hiring with certainty. HR managers can also create offer letters to send and track within the platform.

Lever’s Key Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Customize offer letter templates
  • Integrate with e-signature platforms (non-native)
  • Add offer approval steps for multiple team members
  • Track offer “signed” or “declined” progress

Pricing: Pricing is not disclosed, and depends on the needs of your organization.

With generally strong features for applicant tracking, the cons of this platform are that it may be slightly more suited for larger companies. HR pros report that they see more benefits when there is a dedicated Lever admin on board, which many SMBs do not have the budget for.

All in all, the easy-to-use platform may be a good standalone new hire offer letter solution for you.

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8. Juro

Juro Logo

Website: Visit Juro

Unlike the other platforms mentioned above, Juro focuses less on applicant tracking and talent acquisition, and more on the contract automation piece -- one of which is offer letter automation. If your business team sends out numerous contracts and needs a workspace for tracking workflows, Juro may be the option for you.

Juro’s Key Offer Management Features:

  • Send offer letters in bulk
  • Flexibly edit documents with modular editor
  • Build approvals into offer letter workflows
  • Collect e-signatures
  • Learn from contract data

Pricing: Juro offers a variety of different pricing tiers, from Free (1 template only) to Lite ($59/user/month) to Team ($90/user/month), and finally to a custom Business quote.

Users report that the Juro platform is easy-to-use and ideal for standalone contract tracking, but the platform strays a bit farther from standard HR features, so you will need to manage your other HR functions elsewhere.

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9. HiringThing

HiringThing is an integrated applicant tracking system that aims to foster the connections that fuel teams to do better work. Again, the focus for this software is on sourcing, screening, and offering positions to candidates, without a focus on consolidated HR features. The ATS offers a private label option to build into your own system.

HiringThing’s Key Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Generate & send offer letters
  • Streamline digital signature collection from candidates
  • Store a copy of all documentation to a candidate’s file
  • Create customizable templates to highlight benefits

Pricing: Pricing is split into 4 tiers: Standard ($90/month), Evolve ($160/month), Pro ($310/month), and Private Label (custom).

Though this tool is extremely easy to use, some users feel that the platform is outdated and overly simplistic. Regardless, the platform is an affordable candidate for sending digital offers.

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10. Freshteam

If you’re looking for a multi-channel talent acquisition software, Freshteam is a solid option to consider. The platform is ideal for growing businesses who need a place to attract, hire, and draft offer letters for new employees.

Freshteam’s Key Digital Offer Management Features:

  • Create & upload customized offer letters
  • Set up offer approval workflows
  • Integrate with e-signature software
  • Collect feedback on declined offers

Pricing: Pricing is offered at 4 different tier levels for small organizations, growing companies, and enterprise level companies.

This software is one of the most budget-friendly, with a free plan option, but unfortunately the free version does not have much functionality around offer letter management.

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Choosing the Best Offer Letter Management Software for Your SMB

As a growing business, your new hires are your most valuable assets -- and extending the proper welcome in a digital offer letter makes all the difference. Some common pitfalls we tend to see within SMBs are:

  • Not sending offer letters soon enough due to manual processes
  • Inability to easily edit offer letters that were sent or negotiated
  • Confusion around hiring different employee types
  • Kickstarting benefits enrollment, payroll set-up, and other onboarding documents after offer is signed
  • Lack of personalization in offer letters

In order for your new hires to start on the right foot, it’s important to pick an HR software that makes the offer letter process easy and paper-free. A strong HRIS or digital offer management software should be easily accessible via web and include features for customizing templates, auto-populating new hire info, and reporting on data. In addition, the platform should make it easy to collect e-signatures natively, send secure links to new hires, and send additional onboarding documents like W-4 forms, I-9 forms, tax withholding forms, and more.

Small businesses also thrive on organization, so offer management shouldn’t feel like a disjointed process on HR’s plate. Because of this, many SMBs like to opt for HRIS options that knock out consolidated tasks. So, instead of a document point-solution or a standalone onboarding software, it may make the most sense to implement an all-in-one HRIS that provides all of the benefits with one single sign-on.

Software that focuses on one specific feature and refuses third-party integrations is becoming less and less popular. Additional features like PTO tracking, form compliance, and streamlined onboarding are becoming non-negotiables as well. All of these features add up to a service that provides new hires and HR with a better experience.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Digital Offer Management System

To make the ultimate decision on which platform fits your situation, make sure to keep these in mind:

  • Your monthly or yearly budget (Consider you’re HR budget if you’re looking to move to an all-in-one experience)
  • What your company growth looks like in the near future (# of new hires you look to bring on)
  • What your offer approval process should look like
  • All of the services you are looking for (Offer letter management, onboarding, benefits administration, payroll, compliance support, etc.)
  • Different types of employee types you may hire in the future
  • Types of integrations you would like
  • Add-ons to streamline your entire HR workflows

Keeping these items in mind will help guide your research process, and help you identify qualifying job offer software options. HR software like GoCo provides a consolidated, easy-to-use HR platform with not only proprietary offer management tools, but also modern solutions for digital onboarding, time off and time tracking, running payroll, and legislation updates that likely fall on your plate too. For the ultimate automated HR experience, we recommend taking the all-in-one HRIS path and making GoCo an end-to-end digital tool for your organization.

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