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Run Payroll Your Way

Payroll doesn’t have to be overwhelming and time-consuming. GoCo’s comprehensive payroll software solution is specifically designed to make your life easier.

Streamline Your Payroll Data

Consolidate your payroll data into one workspace to easily reconcile and prepare everything you need to get employees paid. With GoCo, you can sync your existing payroll software with ours or run payroll directly within our platform.

GoCo’s Payroll Dashboard ensures you’re working with the most up-to-date payroll data so employees get paid accurately and on time.

Save Time on Payroll Prep

GoCo’s Payroll Dashboard automatically tracks changes and calculates amounts, eliminating the need for manual calculations and paperwork. It allows you to reconcile and prepare all necessary payroll information regardless of your payroll system, saving you time and hassle.

Love your current payroll system? No problem!

GoCo’s payroll software syncs with any cloud-based payroll solution.

By connecting with your existing system, you can avoid the frustration of double data entry and manual errors. Keeping employee and pay data in sync is as simple as logging in and running payroll in your existing system.

How does GoCo help with...


Stay on track! Our payroll software automatically flags new hires and terminations, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Benefit Deductions?

Put down the calculator! GoCo calculates benefit deductions with precision, highlighting blackout periods, prorations, and catch-up amounts automatically.

Final Paychecks?

Not always easy, but something you need to get right. Our Final Paycheck Calculator helps you review and calculate earning amounts, benefit costs, and unused PTO quickly and accurately.

Integrations with a Human Touch

On top of our automatic payroll integrations, a dedicated human support team will validate your data, assure quality, and answer all of your questions. Book a demo to find out more about syncing with your existing payroll system.

Want an all-in-one experience?

Run payroll from inside GoCo, powered by Gusto’s industry-leading payroll software.

Our full-service payroll solution means new hire reporting & tax filings are handled for you, and you can prepare and run payroll in minutes – not hours. Plus, you can access important payroll reports within GoCo, keeping everything in one place.

How does our best-in-class Payroll Grid help with...

Missing Data?

GoCo knows what information is required to process payroll accurately. If something is missing (employee information, direct deposit details, timesheets), it will be flagged automatically so nothing falls through the cracks.


Whether it’s bonus season or you need to enter commission amounts for your sales team, it’s easy to create custom views of your payroll data so you can quickly review and adjust specific segments of your workforce.

Hosting PTO outside of GoCo?

No problem! Import any spreadsheet into the Payroll Grid and earnings data will update automatically. Or, use GoCo’s PTO and time tracking add-ons to have time data flow automatically.

Support You Can Count On

Scared to switch? Don’t be. GoCo sets you up for success with a dedicated support team to help you transfer from your prior payroll system and provide support when you need it.

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Ease of use and clean look. I'm the administrator for my company's GoCo account and it's super easy to get new employees onboarded and enrolled in benefits. We were using digital e-forms for benefits enrollments and I'm so glad to have an automated system for employees to elect insurance!

Jay G.

HR Manager

Every year [during open enrollment], I would have sleepless nights just trying to get people to finish their paperwork on time. With GoCo, the process is just so much easier.

Robin G.

VP of HR

I love GoCo, and I adore their customer success team, because they are really who have made the experience all that it is for me.

Renee C.

HR Manager

GoCo has really held our hands through everything. We really see GoCo as our partner, not just a service provider.

Darby D.

Product Operations Manager

GoCo has the best service of all the platforms i've worked with in this industry

One Digital

Benefit Consultant

GoCo helped us improve our relationship with our employees because they started to see that we were taking steps to ensure that they were being treated properly, and that they were receiving the attention that they needed.

Erica R.

HR Manager

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