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3 Ways BenAdmin Software Streamlines Your Open Enrollment

GoCo's 3 in 30 Webinar Series gives pros like you insight on how HR tech can change the way they track, manage, organize, and execute day-to-day tasks by highlighting 3 GoCo feature benefits in 30 minutes or less.

Are you tired of the tedious and time-consuming process of managing open enrollment for your organization's employee benefits?

Open enrollment is a critical period for both employees and HR professionals, where benefit decisions can significantly impact the well-being and satisfaction of the workforce. However, traditional methods of managing open enrollment often involve manual tasks, complicated paperwork, and a lack of real-time insights. This is where the power of modern Ben Admin Software comes into play.

In 30 minutes or less, listen in as Kayleigh Hansen (Marketing Campaigns Manager) and Samantha Cuellar (GoCo Manager of Client Success Specialists) share three reasons why using GoCo’s modern BenAdmin feature ultimately leads to: 

  • Employee Self-Service: Say goodbye to the days of employees drowning in stacks of paperwork and countless emails during open enrollment 👋 In this 3 in 30, we will demonstrate how GoCo empowers employees with self-service tools, allowing them to make informed benefit decisions with ease. From plan comparisons to cost estimations to managing dependents and more, employees have everything they need to make informed decisions and complete their enrollments at their fingertips.
  • Customizable Communication: Reduce email noise! 📨 GoCo automatically sends out notifications within the system and via email that open enrollment is starting, along with reminders at intervals until it’s closed. You can even send custom messages at any point during the enrollment period. Employees also receive a confirmation email with the rundown of their selections once their enrollment is submitted so they can catch and fix any accidental mistakes quickly before enrollments are processed.
  • Data Accuracy & Reporting: Complete visibility that saves you time! 📊 Check real-time status at any point during the open enrollment process to see who has yet to complete their enrollments. Generate required enrollment forms automatically and set up EDIs or APIs with carriers to seamlessly get the date from GoCo directly to the carrier. And once the enrollment period is closed, full census reports are populated for each benefit so you can quickly and easily get the enrollments processed with your carriers.

Join us to see how you can unlock the potential of advanced technology to transform the way you manage benefits and create a more satisfied and engaged workforce.

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