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3 Ways to Navigate the Onboarding Journey with Confidence and Efficiency

GoCo's 3 in 30 Webinar Series gives pros like you insight on how HR tech can change the way they track, manage, organize, and execute day-to-day tasks by highlighting 3 GoCo feature benefits in 30 minutes or less.

Onboarding is a new employee’s first real look into your company and business. You’re eager to get through the process and get them started, but compliance and regulation missteps also loom each step of the way.

Explore the synergy between compliance and efficiency with GoCo and Verified First. In this webinar, we'll unveil strategies and tools designed to fast-track the onboarding process without compromising regulatory integrity, empowering organizations to onboard with confidence.

Tune in to 3 in 30 to see:

  • Ensure Compliant Background Checks: Before your new hire does start, you need to make sure they can start. Verified First offers fast, accurate background checks, drug screens to reduce hiring risks and build a trustworthy workforce. Its user-friendly platform ensures legal compliance, saving HR professionals time and enabling confident hiring decisions.
  • Simplify the Process: Make a memorable first impression. GoCo transforms HR onboarding management, saving time and resources while ensuring compliance with labor laws. Its automated workflows and document management simplify onboarding tasks, letting HR teams focus on strategic goals.
  • Tie All the Pieces of Onboarding Together…Seamlessly: The GoCo and Verified First integration streamlines HR workflows by enabling seamless background checks within GoCo. Real-time updates ensure a world-class experience for both your hr staff as well as your candidates.. Accurate data transfer enhances decision-making and strengthens employer reputation, boosting efficiency and accuracy.

Discover how our integrated solutions empower HR teams to navigate complex compliance requirements swiftly and securely, fostering a seamless onboarding experience for both employees and employers.

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