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Connecting the Dots Between Your HR Systems Strategy and Strategic HR

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Today’s HR technology market is estimated to be valued at almost 40 billion globally. Yet, over 50% of organizations felt they were still missing critical HR data needed to make business decisions over the last year.

Join Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group and author of
Introduction to HR Technologies: Understanding How to Use Technology to Improve Performance and Processes, as she shares groundbreaking research on how organizations can move the needle by 2025, reaching critical business outcomes through a strategic approach to HR processes and system strategies.

This session is critical for anyone looking to increase the value of their existing HR systems or preparing to embark on a purchasing effort in the near future for their HR organization.

In the session, we’ll discuss:

  • The value of strategic HR functions and how they leverage technology

  • How to select HR technology for outcomes versus functionality

  • Investments that achieve the biggest outcomes

  • Approaches for increasing HR technology adoption and usability

Your Host:

Stacey Harris is the Chief Research Officer and Managing Partner of research and advisory firm Sapient Insights Group and the author of "Introduction to HR Technology: Understanding How to Use Technology to Improve Performance and Processes." A respected industry analyst and researcher focused on HR and business outcomes, she oversees the esteemed Annual HR Systems Survey and White Paper, now in its 25th year. She sits on the IHIRM Certification Board and is frequently included in Human Resource Executive® and the HR Technology Conference’s Top 100 HR Tech Influencers list. She is a frequent speaker at HR events both in the U.S. and abroad and a regular podcast host as an industry researcher and analyst.

Stacey holds MA and BA degrees from Kent State and Ashland University in Education and Communications and is a certified Human Resources Information Professional (HRIP) from IHRIM.

Stacey Harris

Stacey Harris

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