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How to Elevate Employee Engagement as an HR Department of One

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In the wake of record resignation rates, declining employee engagement, and burnout on the rise, it’s not surprising that 3 out of 4 HR pros report that their job is harder than it’s ever been. And for small HR departments especially, all the demands of engaging and retaining employees can feel downright insurmountable.

The good news is that there are small steps that even solo HR departments can take to make a bigger impact on employee engagement and satisfaction

We’ve assembled a panel of employee engagement and retention experts to give you actionable tips on how to use data and automation to:

  • Go from paper-first to people-first in employee onboarding

  • Keep a pulse on employee engagement and wellbeing

  • Identify and respond to red flags that signal disengagement and flight-risks

  • Drive better conversations and feedback between managers and employees

  • Create delightful employee experiences that boost satisfaction and retention

Plus, you can earn 1 hour of credit towards SHRM recertification for attending this session. Space is limited, so register now to save your spot!

About the Expert Panel

As an HR Expert & Researcher at Officevibe, Julie's life’s mission is to help organizations understand the value of placing employees at the heart of their strategy. Her background, research, and innate curiosity have given her a unique perspective on the day-to-day challenges of teams and their evolving work context, which we now call… distributed work!

Julie Jeannotte

LeAnne is an Employee Engagement and Retention Strategist, who is passionate about using strategic communication to drive better employee experiences. She is also a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, and adjunct communication faculty at Missouri State University where she teaches MBA classes.

LeAnne Lagasse

As the Founder and CEO of GoCo.io, Nir is on a mission to empower SMBs and HR to grow happier, healthier, and more productive teams. He is passionate about building flexible, easy-to-use solutions that automate and streamline HR processes, so People Ops can focus on making work a better place.

Nir Leibovich

      LeAnne Lagasse, SHRM-SCP

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