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From Feedback to Action: Leveraging Engagement Surveys for Cultural Transformation

While 92% of employees believe it is important that their company listens to their feedback, only 7% say their company acts on feedback really well.

We all know that Engagement surveys are a pivotal component to HR’s Strategy in increasing Employee engagement, reducing regrettable turnover, and getting the pulse of your organization. How can HR bridge this gap between receiving feedback from engagement surveys, and actually implementing cultural change?

Join 15Five and GoCo for an insightful webinar to discover the strategic power of engagement surveys in driving cultural transformation within your organization. Learn the keys to transforming feedback into actionable strategies, with an emphasis on harnessing technology for positive change. Gain practical insights and real-world examples that will help you elevate your workplace culture.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Feedback to Action: Bridge the gap between feedback and change, enhancing responsiveness.
  • Tech-Enhanced Insights: Leverage technology for impactful engagement survey strategies.
  • Culture Transformation: Use surveys to drive engagement and reduce turnover.
  • Real Change Examples: Translate insights into tangible cultural improvements.

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