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How L&D and HR Can Collaborate to Retain Top Talent

L&D and generalist HR teams share a common goal: helping people thrive and perform to their full potential.

When aligned, these two specialisms can help organizations develop the best processes for identifying, supporting, and retaining their top performers. But where should we begin today?

To enable people to make the most business impact, organizations need to provide them with the critical knowledge and skills to excel in their existing roles–and grow into new ones. After all, people are more engaged and stay longer at organizations where they’re recognized and rewarded for high performance–and given clear opportunities to progress in their careers.

That’s why it’s so crucial for L&D and HR teams to maintain a strong culture of learning and belonging, driven by collaborative learning, employee recognition, and personalized career development pathways.

Join David James, Chief Learning Officer at 360Learning, and Amber Anzalone, People Operations Manager at GoCo, to learn more about:

  • Why effective collaboration between L&D and HR teams can make such a big difference to engagement and retention.
  • Strategies for aligning L&D initiatives with other HR strategies to enhance employee engagement and retention.
  • How to leverage learning platforms and HR integrations to identify skill gaps and improve training efficacy.
  • The importance of tailored learning programs and SME-led upskilling in boosting top talent engagement and retention.

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