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How to Avoid Employee Churn with Tailored Hybrid Onboarding

Remote work is not going away, but neither are in-office teams. This poses a brand new challenge for HR teams: how to successfully onboard new employees—some of whom will be remote, some of whom will be in-person—and make sure everyone gets the same quality experience.

This challenge is especially crucial during this “The Great Resignation” climate, when employers are welcoming more new members than ever, and at the same time, when workers feel freed up to say ‘goodbye’ at the first sign of a poor employee experience. Onboarding is your chance to show new hires they’ve joined an organization that respects their needs and will help them grow.

Watch the recording of this session where Allie Collins, VP Marketing at GoCo, and Jonah Goldstein, Head of Learning at 360Learning, shared tips for creating an adaptable onboarding process that puts employees first.

You'll learn:

  • Why successful onboarding is key to long term engagement and retention

  • How to set up effective preboarding 

  • Tips for minimizing paperwork and maximizing engagement

  • The results of our latest study on the Great Resignation (why employees quit, and what role onboarding plays in retention)

  • How to use asynchronous training techniques effectively

  • Why Collaborative Learning helps remote and hybrid teams connect during onboarding

  • How to ensure all employees get the same great onboarding experience, no matter where they’re based 

  • How to build a business case to leadership for investing in better onboarding

  • ...and more!

Your Speakers:

As VP of Marketing at GoCo, Allie has helped the start-up rapidly scale and grow their marketing and sales teams. She has a passion for using data to drive decisions, and using technology to automate onboarding and hiring processes.

She brings an MBA and 10+ years of experience testing, learning, failing (sometimes), and ultimately scaling and optimizing manual processes.

Allie Collins
VP of Marketing at GoCo

As Head of L&D at 360Learning, Jonah identifies development needs, enables collaborative growth opportunities, and measures performance impact.

He's also the host of the CLO Connect interview series. 

Jonah Goldstein

      Allie Collins, Director of Marketing @ GoCo

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