On-demand webinar

HR Mythbusters: Debunking Common Industry Misconceptions

Does HR really just hire and fire? Are they the corporate "policy police"? Is HR just an administrative cost center that doesn't impact the bottom line?

Join us for a myth-shattering webinar where we'll separate fact from fiction when it comes to the human resources function. Too often, HR is misunderstood and undervalued based on outdated stereotypes and misconceptions.

In this fun and interactive session, we'll take a "Mythbusters" approach to debunking some of the most common HR myths, such as:

  • HR only hires and fires employees.
  • HR is not a revenue-generating department.
  • HR is the judge, jury, and policy police.
  • HR has nothing to do with business strategy.
  • HR professionals will be replaced by technology.
  • HR is easy - anyone can do it.

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