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HR's Guide to Mental Health in the Workplace

As we enter into a third year of “unprecedented events,” 55% of American workers report suffering from mental health issues directly related to events since the pandemic began, and 46% say they’re struggling to maintain their well-being.

It’s well documented that continued stress can lead to burn-out, which is characterized by the World Health Organization as “resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” With signs of burn-out including exhaustion, checking out, an increase of negative sentiment toward one’s job, and reduced professional efficacy, it’s no wonder that 86% of employers (as reported by SHRM) said mental health, stress and burnout are a priority in 2022.

And once again, HR is being called on to tackle the daunting task.

But who is taking care of HR?

Watch the recording of Michael Towers, a highly sought out Empathy Expert, Counselor and Professional Leadership Speaker, where he tackles all things related to mental health in the workplace!

After the session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand the impact of stress and burnout on employees

  • Execute a strategy to increase workplace wellness

  • Refine your listening and empathy skills to make your employees feel value and a sense of belonging

  • Utilize self-care techniques to achieve optimal wellness and unleash your potential to impact the mental health of your co-workers

  • Embrace your position and power to deliver hope

  • ...and more!

Your Speaker:

Michael is a highly sought out Empathy Expert, Counselor and Professional Speaker. His areas of expertise include leadership, workplace wellness, and self-care. Having battled mental illness himself, Michael has an incredible story of resiliency, perseverance, and determination.

Michael believes he can make the biggest impact in the workplace. He empowers HR professionals to transform company culture and improve employee mental health, and one of the top experts for bettering employee engagement and retention.

Michael has a passion for HR professionals because, in his words, "They are exceptional people and uniquely positioned to make a maximum impact." By unleashing their potential personally, they can thrive professionally. By teaching self-care strategies, HR pros can do what they do best, deliver hope, and change the world

Michael's sessions are engaging & entertaining, and his vulnerability and empathy create genuine connection. He challenges his audiences to take positive action, elevate their organizations to unprecedented levels, and reverse the empathy deficit in their workplace.

Michael earned an Associate’s in Chemical Dependency Counseling at The Community College of Baltimore County and a Bachelor’s in Psychology at Towson University. Michael is married to a wonderful woman and has three German Shepherds. Which by the way, are great for mental health!

Michael Towers

      Michael Towers, Workplace Wellness Expert

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