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Making Human Connections in a Virtual World

With the drastic shift over the past couple of years from a primarily in-office workforce to a hybrid or remote workforce, work environments today aren’t anything like how they used to be.

Although these new environments present many benefits — such as giving employees the ability to spend more time at home and reducing overhead office costs to companies — they can also lead to siloed employees, teams, and processes.

To put these challenges into perspective, according to SHRM, 90 percent of executives said culture and connection are lacking for their remote team members. Additionally, more than 70 percent of workers don't feel like they are able to socialize enough when working remotely, making that in-office vs. hybrid or remote divide even more prevalent. 

Watch as Amber Anzalone (People Operations Manager at GoCo) and Natasha Molina (Senior People Business Partner at Employ) talk about the importance of bringing an in-office connection to remote employees and how it can lead to overall improvements in culture, environment, collaboration, and productivity. We can’t wait to see what tools, tips, and platforms they suggest to drive this connection!

It’s time to treat technology as a friend instead of a barrier!

Amber Anzalone

People Operations Manager at GoCo

Natasha Molina

Senior People Business Partner at Employ

As People Operations Manager at GoCo.io, Amber is responsible for all things people. From attracting and retaining top talent to enhancing the employee experience through strategic organizational development initiatives to performance and leadership coaching - the focus remains on the employee. With an extensive background in organizational culture, Amber is motivated by curating a cohesive working environment that encourages individuality and aligns people with their purpose. At GoCo, the People Team is committed to meeting people where they are and aligning their unique value proposition to best serve the business.

In this session, we’ll discuss: 

  • Positives & negatives around hybrid vs. remote work
  • Connecting teams
  • Using tech for employee engagement
  • Bringing up the topic to the C-Suite
  • ...and more!

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