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The Role of Workplace Technology Expectations in Appealing to and Retaining Employees

While technological advances have proliferated during the pandemic, not all companies have kept up (and some were already behind).

And the truth is, your employees have been taking note, particularly those up-and-coming Generation Z employees who expect the same level of tech sophistication they have experienced in college and other work experiences.

So you should join us for this free webinar on May 17th to learn how you can use employee technology expectations to your advantage.

Michelle Coussens

Business Strategist, Plan B Consulting

Michelle Coussens is a frequently sought-after speaker and business strategist for numerous types of organizations on a wide range of topics related to the workplace, including but not limited to talent management, business strategy, and operational effectiveness. She has delivered thousands of signature speeches and training sessions, both online and in person. She holds practical expertise on a variety of HR topics, such as job design, recruiting, onboarding, training and development, performance management, and succession planning.

In this session, we’ll discuss how to: 

  • Improve your employee experience (as well as business efficiency and effectiveness) with this one thing,
  • Attract new employees and retain your best workers – which is more important now than ever before,
  • Determine what tech upgrades to institute first, as well as how to weigh associated costs and benefits, as well as how to evaluate individual vendors,
  • Enhance worker connectivity and collaboration, whether on-site or in remote work environments,
  • Use technology expectations to your advantage, especially with up-and-coming Generation Z employees,
  • Bridge the generational differences in how your workers see and approach work and associated technology,
  • Foster a tech-savvy work environment where employees and candidates feel connected and supported,
  • and much more

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