On-demand webinar

The Vital Role of HR in Change Management

Change can be difficult—both for ourselves, and in guiding others.

Whether HR has a seat at the table in formulating the changes themselves or is involved in associated transitions, change can be difficult—both for ourselves, and in guiding others.

Helping managers and staff shift gears, learn new skills and behaviors, and embrace new ways of working requires advanced thought and planning but can make all the difference in whether a change is successful.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to assist your leadership in driving communication, implementation, and tracking of changes
  • What questions to consider and how to prepare user-friendly answers for workers and others impacted
  • Ways to determine what training may be needed, how to go about providing it, and when to deliver it
  • Tips to encourage buy-in across various stakeholders
  • Techniques to identify what needs to be updated to reflect new roles and responsibilities

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