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Unveiling (& Enhancing) the Connection between Performance Management and Employee Engagement

Dive into the transformative impact of well-structured performance management practices on employee engagement, motivation, positive feedback culture, and practical strategies for creating a positive workplace environment.

At its core, effective performance management serves as a catalyst for motivating employees. When individuals have a clear understanding of their roles, receive constructive feedback, and witness the tangible value placed on their contributions, motivation becomes ingrained within the organizational culture. This isn't just about ticking performance review boxes; it's about fostering an environment where motivation becomes a natural byproduct of everyday work life.

Join GoCo for “Unveiling (& Enhancing) the Connection between Performance Management and Employee Engagement,” on Tuesday, January 16 and 12:00 pm CT, led by LeAnne Lagasse, where she’ll go through how HR professionals wielding the power of the performance-engagement connection aren't just navigating the workforce landscape — they're creating a positive workplace culture.

You’ll also learn:

  • Employee Engagement Impact: Discuss the direct relationship between well-structured performance management practices and improved employee engagement.
  • Feedback and Motivation: Explore the transformative potential of constructive feedback, meaningful recognition, and aligning individual goals, empowering you to motivate your team and amplify their job satisfaction.
  • Creating a Positive Feedback Culture: Discover strategies and best practices to cultivate a positive feedback culture within your organization, giving your team the environment they deserve.
  • Measuring Engagement: Explore methods for measuring employee engagement and the indispensable role of engagement surveys in performance management, providing you with the valuable data you deserve.

No fancy promises, just practical insights. We'll explore how a well-structured approach isn't just a buzzword, but a game-changer that is boosting motivation and job satisfaction without the theatrics.

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