HR Reporting & Insights

Bring Your People Data to Life with Better Reports & Insights

Tracking and analyzing your people data is the first step to making more strategic people decisions. GoCo Reports makes it easy to access your data, uncover trends, and highlight meaningful insights in a matter of minutes

If You Can Dream It, You Can Report On It

Define Your Data

Pick any set of data, from workflows, performance, custom fields, employee profile data, and more.

Organize Your Data

Narrow down your data to the sections that matter most with easy filtering, sorting, row grouping and aggregating.

Visualize & Analyze Trends

Select from seven chart options to bring your data to life and easily identify trends.

Design Your Dream Reports With Customizable Building Blocks

Column Functions

Apply basic functions to numerical columns like sum, average, minimum & maximum.

Filter, Group, & Sort

Grouping, sorting, and filtering options for easy data organization.

Metric Charts

Quickly visualize aggregate amounts like averages and sums with metric charts.

Pie & Donut Charts

Add a pie or donut chart to your report to see proportions at-a-glance.

Bar & Column Charts

Categorize data with bar & column charts, over time or in one snapshot.

Line & Area Charts

Use line and area charts to quickly identify trends over time.

Leverage People Insights To Improve Performance, Engagement, and More

📈 Performance Over Time

Dig in and understand how your team is doing. Build a report with data from your performance reviews, group the data in the best way for your company, and add in a Bar Chart to see changes over time.

🤗 Employee Satisfaction

Check in on how your employees are feeling. Use workflows to get a pulse on employee satisfaction. Report on that workflow and use Metric Charts to quickly see the averages in each department.

🌐 Diversity Breakdown

Want to better understand the diversity in your organization? Use custom fields to collect a few diversity metrics, then create your report and visualize the breakdown with a Pie Chart.

Proactive HR, the Modern Way

Create a data-driven HR strategy that enables you to identify potential issues ahead of time. Quickly prepare visual reports like performance ratings over time or termination reasons to share with your C-Suite to make strategic decisions for your company.

Shine a Light On Your Impact

Be proud of your results and confidently show the value of your HR initiatives with GoCo Reports. With a deeper understanding of your people and their data, you can easily highlight the impact of your people strategy.

Here Are Some Reports You Can Create in Minutes!

Employee Diversity Breakdown

PTO Balance Breakdown

Company Equipment Issued Breakdown

Performance Rating Over Time

Employee Satisfaction

Expense Reimbursements By

…and anything else you want to analyze or highlight!

See How GoCo Can Help HR Shine!