Summer 2023 Product Release

Summer is here, and GoCo is making a splash with our latest product release! In the past few months, we’ve been gathering intel about your pain points and brainstorming ways GoCo can solve them, all in one place. So, grab your sunglasses and towel and get ready to soak in all of our new features and enhancements.

Streamline Shift Management with Built-In Scheduling

Creating and managing employee schedules can be a pain – and time-consuming! When done manually, it can be hard to avoid double booking, incorrect assignments, and compliance issues. And, with a spread-out workforce, it can be difficult to ensure everyone is promptly receiving the most up-to-date schedule.

With that in mind, we added scheduling to our time tracking feature (now bundled together and called Time). With scheduling and time tracking in the same place as your other HR processes, you save time on schedule creation and give employees one place to go to access all their information, schedules, and clock in/out. Plus, if you have our PTO feature, employee time off will automatically show on the schedule, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally assigning shifts when they’re unavailable.

Pro tip: People live on their phones these days. Encourage your team to download our mobile app (available for Apple and Android devices) so they can receive push notifications when schedules are posted!

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Customize Time Off to Fit Your Company Culture

We know that one PTO policy does not fit all organizations. When you have to rely on workarounds or manual work to manage unique time off categories and different types of leave, it increases the burden on HR and creates confusion for your employees.

With the latest enhancements to Advanced Paid Time Off, you get more time off buckets that can be customized to reflect your company’s policies and culture. This means you can create more options for your employees to choose from when requesting time off. We’ve also added the option to create up to three new buckets from scratch and an additional bucket just for things like parental leave. You can customize GoCo to fit your needs so you can reliably track time off quickly and in one place!

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Uncover Employee Sentiment to Create a Happier Workplace

Employee engagement is a hot topic these days, and very closely tied to retention. It’s hard to make impactful changes if you don’t know how employees are feeling. And, traditional surveys can be time-consuming and have low response rates.

We wanted to help you simplify this process by adding eNPS (employee net promoter score) into our system so it’s easier than ever to gather employee sentiment data from right inside your HRIS. eNPS focuses on one question: “How likely are you to recommend your organization as a good place to work?” to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty.

The dashboard makes it easy to see your eNPS and participation rate at-a-glance or broken down into segments within your organization. With this new feature, you can take your employee engagement strategy to the next level by uncovering and addressing issues faster. And, for a limited time, you can try it out for free!

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Reach Your Team Faster with GoCo Announcements

Do you struggle to get important info to your team? Even if you send a mass email or post to a Slack channel, it's hard to know if employees are actually reading it.

Your employees already have to go into GoCo to access information or perform tasks, so we went one step further to help you reach your employees where they're already going. With our new Announcements feature, you can post important information directly to the employee's Home (and in their inbox). You can even pin the most important messages so they can't be dismissed, and your team will be reminded every time they log in.

We also enhanced the Home page with a new section called Quick Links that allows you to bookmark the most important resources. From handbooks and policy info to login pages for other software in your tech stack, quick links makes it easy for your team to find all the resources they need to do their job, all from their Home page!

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Save Time By Leveraging AI

When employees can’t find the information they need, HR gets bombarded with repetitive questions. It’s frustrating for employees to spend time looking for answers and it’s disruptive for HR, taking time away from focusing on important initiatives. With this in mind, we added two features this summer to alleviate employee pain and HR strain.

We have been working on a very exciting new feature specifically designed to answer your employees’ repetitive frequently asked questions. Our AI Knowledge Base, currently in beta testing, acts like ChatGPT for HR – employees can type in their questions and receive prompt and accurate responses as the AI searches through your company’s specific policies and procedures.

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Level-Up Your Process Management with Spaces

Working efficiently is critical, and when processes aren’t handled correctly or in a timely fashion, efficiency goes out the window. That’s why we designed our newest feature, Spaces, to help you streamline communication and manage your processes more efficiently.

Spaces is a fully customizable, no-code, workspace that allows you to use widgets to create insightful dashboards, document best practices, optimize starting and completing your most important workflows, and more!

To get you started, we built an expense reimbursement space template. In this space, you’ll find 3 pages. One page outlines the correct process to follow when approving expense requests, keeping all of your managers and admins aligned. One page allows you to start, view, and complete expense reimbursement request workflows, all in one place. And, one page serves as a dashboard, providing even more visibility into your process so you can easily identify when improvements are needed. Look for the expense reimbursement template in the marketplace to get started!

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Unlock More Efficiency with Workflow Enhancements

Workflows are a powerful tool to help you automate your processes. We built some enhancements that make it easier for you to build and manage your workflows.

Duplicate workflow tasks: In the workflow builder, you can now duplicate tasks, streamlining the creation of longer, more complex workflows and saving you time.

Reassign tasks during termination: We added a new step in the termination process so you can quickly see what tasks your terminated employee hasn’t completed and easily reassign them.

Cancel workflows: Sometimes workflows don’t get finished, like when a new hire no-shows on their first day. Now you can keep their information for reporting purposes but cancel their hiring workflow, so it’s not taking up valuable space in your active workflows section.

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Conquer the Final Paycheck with Payroll Enhancements

We are constantly working on enhancements for our embedded payroll powered by Gusto. We know many states have specific rules around the timing of paying out your terminated employees so this summer we tackled termination payrolls.

When you terminate a worker, after you enter the details and reassign their workflow tasks, you’ll be able to choose how and when to issue the final paycheck, without leaving GoCo.

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