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From Recruiting to Retention: Crafting a Seamless Employee Journey from Start to Finish

Building a talented team is just the beginning – retaining top talent requires a comprehensive approach that extends beyond the recruitment phase. And technology plays an indispensable role in every aspect of the employee journey.

From leveraging recruitment tools to streamline candidate sourcing and assessment to implementing robust HRIS platforms for seamless onboarding and performance management, technology empowers organizations to optimize their processes and enhance the employee experience. 

Join GoCo and JazzHR for “From Recruiting to Retention: Crafting a Seamless Employee Journey from Start to Finish,” where we'll explore how innovative solutions can not only accelerate hiring processes, but also enable personalized development pathways, ultimately driving higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Understand the employee journey's key stages, from recruitment to retention, and how technology enhances each for efficiency.
  • Identify pain points in each stage and learn how technology solutions address them, from biased recruitment to remote onboarding.
  • Explore using technology for engaging onboarding, like virtual mentorship and interactive training, for long-term retention.
  • Learn to use technology-enabled performance management for continuous employee development and career growth aligned with company goals.

Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of the employee journey, exploring how technology-driven solutions can revolutionize your approach to talent acquisition, onboarding, and retention, ultimately driving organizational success in the digital era.

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