On-demand webinar

To Tech or Not To Tech: Generational Engagement in the Workplace

With people staying in the workforce up to a decade longer and starting their careers earlier than previous generations, it's more important than ever to understand bridging generational gaps and embracing age inclusion.

When tech is thrown into the equation, this process can become increasingly difficult for organizations with smaller HR departments.

In this talk, we will discover the what, why, and how of generational engagement in the workplace and uncover the technical tools we can use to grow connections.

Katherine McCord

President and People Operations Consultant at Titan Management

Katherine, a physically and neurodiverse woman herself, built her career on inclusive innovation in People Operations and HR Tech. She lives by the motto that difference is not a deficit.

In 2014 she founded Titan Management, a national people operations consulting firm, and then in 2021 she shook up HR Tech by designing the first ever fully accessible, anti-bias Applicant Tracking System plugin that fires the resume and showcases company diversity! Now she is teaching and speaking across the globe about inclusion, innovative hiring, and neurodiversity.

Featured at Web Summit, HR Disruptor, SHRM, and London School of Business, she makes an energetic, interactive, education-based speaker who always brings some spice!

Learning objectives:

  • How HR tech can increase engagement
  • What is Age Inclusion and how do we build and embrace it?
  • The intersectionality of inclusion
  • Generational needs and myths
  • Strategies to implement tech in small HR departments