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Four Ways to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Experience

69% of new hires stayed with their new company for three years when onboarding processes were streamlined.

It’s day one at a new job, and you’re overwhelmed. Expectations are unclear, and you have more questions than answers. We have all been there. Onboarding is a stressful experience for most new hires. In fact, according to Devan G. at TechJury, “The average new hire is expected to complete 54 activities during their onboarding process.” Fifty-four hoops to jump through before a new hire can even start doing their job.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Rally your teams: We will discuss ideas for rallying the team around your new hire to make sure they feel welcomed and included
  • Creating an onboarding map: Best practices for creating a detailed onboarding map to help your new hire become integrated and productive as quickly as possible.
  • Lifelong learning: Key initiatives for building ongoing learning into your onboarding process so that your new hire is learning well beyond their first week

Put yourself in a new hires shoes.

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