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Survivor's Boston Rob has HR's 2020 Survival Guide

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August 10th, 2020


Boston Rob has an important message for HR pros — it's time for HR to transition from 2020 survival mode to adapt-and-thrive mode. 


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Let's face it, HR pros are the glue holding small businesses together in 2020. Between pandemic-proofing your workforce and balancing employee safety and wellness with furloughs and layoffs, you've been challenged like never before, in ways you probably never imagined.

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The "New Normal" for HR

If we've learned anything from 2020 so far, it's that it's time to embrace a "new normal" — there's a good chance that workplaces will never look the same again, no matter what happens with COVID-19. So it's time to start thinking about how to transition from 2020 survival mode, to thrive mode — by adapting your HR team to support your tribe for the long haul.

Digitally "Prepping" for What's Next

The first step is re-evaluating your HR processes and policies. After months of working remotely, are you still onboarding new-hires on paper and spreadsheets? What will open-enrollment look like this fall? Do you have a plan for running performance reviews online?

If not, it's time to consider a solution like GoCo. Schedule a demo with our HR experts and we'll help you identify ways to pandemic-proof your HR processes.