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Spring Clean Your HR: Win a Dyson Vacuum On Us!

It's time to clean up tedious HR processes. We're giving away a Dyson Cyclone v10 Animal to get you started!

Nikhil Bendre

by Nikhil Bendre - March 15th, 2022


We’ve got some SUPER exciting news to share over here at GoCo! 

As an HRIS, our whole purpose is to automate inefficient HR processes that involve mountains of paperwork. That goal combined with the fact that Spring is upon us gave us an idea - we want to give something away to ring in the new season, something that conveys our passion for Spring Cleaning, or more specifically, cleaning up the way we do things and taking HR to the next level. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we are giving away a FREE Dyson Cyclone v10 Animal Vacuum! Enter below!

This contest begins on March 15, 2022 and will end on April 15, 2022. So, let’s take this opportunity to look into some of the benefits of going paperless in HR and how an HRIS, like GoCo, plays into that!

Advantages of Automated HR


Every HR professional who works on a paper-based system can agree - it becomes unreasonably tedious very quickly. Routine HR processes can easily become redundant, and in today’s age, it really is impractical to handle each and every document for each and every employee on literal paper. An HRIS, like GoCo, helps you streamline those routine processes with no trouble at all. You can set up workflows for tasks that need to be done regularly, so once you’ve built the workflow to your liking, GoCo will handle the heavy lifting!


Implementing an HRIS essentially eliminates the possibility of human error. All you need to do is make sure the system is configured exactly to your liking in the beginning, which itself is a very simple process. Then, it’s smooth sailing from that point on! We have to admit that when dealing with physical copies, things get copied wrong, documents get lost, organization can become tricky, and it’s just not a sustainable system. GoCo ensures that all of your information and processes are being executed securely, accurately, and in an organized, easy-to-manage fashion!


Physical copies of confidential documents obviously pose a clear security risk. Printers can be hacked and papers can be lost, stolen, or tampered with. Digitizing these crucial documents ensures that they will always be easily accessible to those who need them and inaccessible to any others and potential threats. Additionally, there are rules, laws, and best practices to be followed when dealing with HR processes and documents. This is yet another instance where an HRIS can eliminate the possibility of human error and ensure that you remain compliant with your state’s policies!

Remote Access

As a result of the pandemic, tons of companies are still either completely remote or operating with some sort of hybrid structure. Automating your HR processes means that the HR professional wouldn’t necessarily have to go into the office in order to get their work done! Everything will be accessible to them from their devices, emphasizing our point about efficiency and allowing more freedom for your company's HR pro!

Environmental Impact

It can be easy to overlook how manual HR systems blow through unfathomable amounts of paper. Again, it simply is no longer sustainable to have filing cabinets upon filing cabinets stuffed to the brim with documents! Not only would an HRIS make these processes and documents easier to deal with, but it makes them easier on the planet as well! Not to mention the storage space you’ll free up by getting rid of those clunky cabinets!

For all of these reasons and more, we truly believe going digital is the best way to remain functional, efficient, and competitive. That being said, we are beyond excited to be able to give something back to the HR community! Be sure to enter your name, email address, and follow us on all of our social media platforms in order to get all of your entries in - EVERY ENTRY COUNTS!

To learn more about the advantages of going digital, check out these resources!

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