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Top Workplace Perks & Benefits for 2022: The New Frontier

Ways to go bigger and better to ensure that your employees are getting the most out of their commitment to your organization

Nikhil Bendre

by Nikhil Bendre - January 5th, 2022


There are already pretty standard benefits packages out there that lots of companies like to rely on. They’re even starting to add additional perks such as mental health benefits and fertility benefits to improve employee engagement and retention. However, there are always ways to go bigger and better to ensure that your employees are getting the most out of their commitment to your organization as possible. In today’s times, we’ve had to modernize at a rapid rate, both due to technological advancements and the pandemic. Therefore, let’s take a look at what non-conventional benefits you can provide to your team in this new remote age.

Company-Provided Subscription Services

Streaming Services

We can’t deny our drastic increase in media consumption since the start of the pandemic. What else is there to do when we have to stay at home? Now more than ever with the alarming spread of the Omicron variant is a great time to consider providing your teams with these media subscriptions so they don’t have to worry about paying for them! Here are some great options:

Media subscription services don’t have to be limited to viewable material - try paying for your team’s music subscriptions!

Meal Services

Moving away from media, another incredibly useful subscription service to provide for your employees would be meal subscription services! Cooking and eating at home is obviously the safest option right now, but sometimes, we’re just not up for all of the preparation that goes into that. The busy professionals on your team are sure to appreciate this added benefit!

Cleaning Services

There are obvious concerns with remote work, including the lack of separation between personal and professional. In other words, are we working from home or living at work? This can be pretty stressful. Part of this comes from the condition of your employee’s environment. It’s no secret that the spaces we are in greatly impact our moods and productivity. That being said, you may want to think about partnering with a local cleaning company to offer your team discounted or even free cleanings! Remember - a clean and peaceful space is the foundation for a peaceful mindset!

“Pawternity” Leave

Parental leave is a staple benefit for any company. However, the pandemic has brought about a wave of “pandemic pets” and your employees may need some time to adjust to acclimating their new family member! For example, getting a new puppy is no easy task. They require tons of attention, love, support, and patience - just like a baby. That’s why we encourage you to look at your PTO policies and see if you can work in a clause to cover some time off for any new furry friends!


If you’re not sure how to best treat your employees, there’s one universal solution that is highly customizable and appreciated by all - money! Providing your team with stipends that go towards day-to-day items and activities would be a great perk that not only helps your team out, but reassures them that you value their time outside of work! Here are some suggestions on what these stipends can go towards:

  • UberEats

  • DoorDash

  • Groceries 

  • Virtual Assistants

  • Home Office Set-Ups

  • Fitness Needs/Equipment


The whole point of the article is to emphasize that the bare minimum is not going to cut it anymore. We’re in a time where people have more flexibility and control over their careers than ever, so it’s on you to go the extra mile in terms of employee retention efforts! These added benefits are simply investments in the future of your organization, and your team will surely appreciate it.

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