New Hire Orientation Workflows Automation

How New Hire Orientation Flows in GoCo

📝 Build Your Checklist

Customize your new hire orientation workflow by creating tasks for company introductions, tours, key policy reviews, administrative procedures and more!

💡 Collaborate

Streamline and assign orientation tasks to managers and other team members to keep everyone in sync. Dynamically set owners, due dates, and reminders before you welcome your new hires.

📈Track Progress

Easily track the status and assignment of orientation tasks to ensure your new hire has a memorable first day.

GoCo automates new-hire onboarding, so you can focus on making the first-day great

Automate the Admin

Digitize and streamline the routine administrative tasks that bog down your HR team

Stop Pushing Paperwork

Digitally communicate with new hires and collect paper-free forms, signatures, feedback, and more.

Streamline Your Workflow

Orchestrate and coordinate your new-hire to-do’s with a simple drag & drop workflow builder

Make the First Day Great

Standardize the new-hire orientation process across teams and make every first-day great

Get in Compliance

Track and manage training program compliance for anti-harassment, safety protocols, and more.

Help Teamwork Flow

Collaborate with hiring managers and teammates to keep everyone in sync, every step of the way

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