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How to Write a Company Social Media Policy: Election Year Edition

How to create an effective social media policy for your business in 8 steps, and why it’s so important in an election year.

Simplify Your Small Business Operations with QuickBooks Payroll and GoCo

For those looking to enhance their HR while keeping their Quickbooks payroll, GoCo has the solution!

A Complete Guide to California SB 553 Compliance

Everything HR and small businesses need to know about CA SB 553 and how to establish a workplace violence prevention plan.

New Hire Paperwork and Compliance for New York

Step-by-step guidance on required onboarding paperwork and compliance in New York.

15 Key Qualities Clients Seek in a Benefits Broker

Insight from HR and business leaders on the most important qualities for a benefits broker to possess.

HR's Guide to Mid-Year Performance Reviews

An HR cheat sheet for mid-year evaluations, from structure to processes and more.

Will AI Replace HR? Insights from Business Leaders

As AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, HR and business leaders should carefully evaluate how it can benefit their processes and organization as a whole.

6 Essential Tips for New HR Managers

Six insightful tips from HR experts to help new HR managers make connections and thrive in their roles.

HR's Guide to Celebrating Pride Month

Celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month! Learn about its history and how your company can become a more inclusive place.

HR’s Guide to Employee Benefits Administration

Everything HR needs to know about employee benefits administration.

How to Improve Employee Experience with eNPS [+template]

Discover how to calculate and benchmark your company's employee net promoter score to improve your employee strategy around engagement and retention.

HR's Guide to Payroll Compliance in 2024 [+ Checklist]

Payroll can be one of the most stressful aspects of HR administration - this guide is here to help you make sense of payroll compliance.

Leveraging the Power of HR Automation

Top HR automations to help keep yourself out of the paperwork and focused on your employees.

HR's Guide to Employee Record Retention [+Checklist]

Employee document retention is critical to your organization's processes and compliance.

The Lore of Leadership: How HR Can Help Create Legendary Leaders

Learn how a solid leadership development and employee advancement plan can lead to improved employee retention.

Myth vs. Reality: Debunking 5 Common Misconceptions About HR

We debunk five of the most common myths surrounding HR and explain why it isn’t the fire-breathing dragon that many employees believe.

The Quest for Work-Life Balance: An In-Depth Guide for 2024

Explore work-life balance, its importance, unique challenges, and effective strategies for 2024.

Make a Flawless First Impression with Automated Onboarding

Automate your onboarding so you can greet your new hire with a smile on the first day — instead of a stack of paperwork

Creating an Effective 30-60-90 Day New Hire Onboarding Plan

A guide to creating a 30-60-90 day structured onboarding plan for seamless integration of new hires into the team.

What is a W-4 Form? How to Fill it Out & 2024 Changes

Do you need to complete a new W-4? Learn what updates have been made to the form and how to navigate the new design.

How to Rehire an Employee in 2024 [+Checklist]

Learn how to rehire past employees and ensure they are set up for success.