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Make a Flawless First Impression with Automated Onboarding

Automate your onboarding so you can greet your new hire with a smile on the first day — instead of a stack of paperwork

Creating an Effective 90-Day New Hire Onboarding Plan

A 90-day structured onboarding plan for seamless integration of new hires into the team.

What is a W-4 Form? How to Fill it Out & 2024 Changes

Do you need to complete a new W-4? Learn what updates have been made to the form and how to navigate the new design.

How to Rehire an Employee in 2024 [+Checklist]

Learn how to rehire past employees and ensure they are set up for success.

2024 HR Conference Calendar of Events: In-Person, Virtual, & Hybrid

Whether you prefer in-person, remote, or hybrid events, 2024 is packed with HR conferences with learning and networking opportunities that fit any budget.

10 Awesome Ways to Show Your HR Team Appreciation in 2024

Uncover 10 powerful HR appreciation strategies to boost your HR team's morale, celebrate your team's efforts, and contribute to a positive work environment.

How to Write Job Postings That Get Great Candidates in 2024 [+Template]

More than just a nice-to-do, but a critical first impression and touch-point with your organization

The Complete Guide to Employee Recognition in 2024

Employee recognition is proven to boost productivity and quality of work, improve morale, and reduce turnover rates as employees feel valued by their employers.

7 Tips to Help Small Businesses Avoid Layoffs in 2024

As businesses worry about a recession, layoffs are becoming more common heading into 2024

35 Reasons to Work From Home: Remote Work Benefits in 2024

Despite the increasing debates surrounding workplace models, the benefits of working from home are indisputable.

4 Offer Letter Templates to Boost Hiring Success [Free Download]

Discover how to make an impactful job offer with our four expertly crafted offer letter templates.

Understanding Work-Life Balance: An In-Depth Guide for 2024

Explore work-life balance, its importance, unique challenges, and effective strategies for 2024.

Everything Your HR Team Needs to Know about PTO in 2024

Types of PTO structures, types of leave, PTO policies, and more

8 Sourcing Strategies for Recruiters in 2024

Master the art of sourcing with these 8 powerful strategies for recruiters. Boost your hiring game and land top talent now!

How To Prevent Employee Burnout In 2024

Learn how to use a preventative approach to addressing employee burnout.

7 Ways HR Can Improve the Candidate Experience In 2024

One major factor might be getting in the way of your talent search — a poor candidate experience.

Top 19 Data-Driven HR Metrics and KPIs for 2024 [+Download]

How to measure HR KPIs and how to improve on these KPIs for a happier workforce and better internal performance

Why is HR Compliance Important in 2024? [+Free Checklist]

Compliance has risen to new levels of importance in 2024. Read about the evolution of HR compliance.

5 Tips to Write Awesome Employee Performance Reviews in 2024

The performance management cycle doesn't have to be complicated. This guide helps you navigate performance reviews!

7 Ways HR Can Support Working Parents

Working parents are pulling overtime at home, and HR can play an important role in keeping their morale high.

New Hire Paperwork & Onboarding Forms 2024

New hire paperwork includes documents that ensure compliance with state and national law as well as internal policies such as the employee handbook.