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HR's Guide to the DOL's 2024 Independent Contractor Rule

What HR needs to know about the 2024 Independent Contractor Rule.

Salary Structures 101: HR's Guide to Understanding, Developing & Applying Effectively

Learn about graded, broadband, step, and market-based structures to create a competitive pay scale

Pay Equity and Pay Transparency Guide for Multi-State Employers

Learn how to create compliant equal pay and pay transparency policies across state lines

What Is SUTA? Everything HR Needs To Know

The State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA) is a kind of payroll tax that employers need to pay, as required by state law. This payroll tax is meant to...

Net vs Gross Income: Key Considerations for HR and Employees

The difference between gross vs. net pay is just one of the many essentials that HR department leaders need to know. In this guide, we've outlined...

New in GoCo: Payroll Grid & Duplicate Workflows!

Exciting new functionality to improve your payroll process and help you automate more efficiently!

HR's Guide to Payroll Compliance [+ Checklist]

Payroll can be one of the most stressful aspects of HR administration - from ensuring everyone is correctly classified to managing federal and state requirements.

All-in-One HR Software vs. Payroll Point-Solutions

An all-in-one Human Resource Information System (HRIS) allows people to complete all types of HR processes within one single comprehensive...

HR's Guide to Cost-Per-Hire Metrics

Do you know how much you spend per hire? Most companies are trying to find a way to cut costs and save money - especially in industries that were...

What is Pay Transparency? Pros & Cons of Salary Transparency

Salary transparency can be a controversial topic. Let's weigh both sides of the conversation!

401(k) Set Up With Embedded Payroll Software Training Video - GoCo Integration with Execupay

In this training, we are gonna be talking about 401(k) and how this works with Execupay. So as we all know, a 401(k) is an important aspect of...

Time Tracking For Payroll Training Video - GoCo Integration with Execupay

In this crash course, we are going to be talking about Time Tracking and Time Off and how they relate to Execupay. So first, let's talk about how...

5 Payroll Headaches and How To Deal With Them

No matter how long you’ve been in the people ops field, manual processes cause a lot of headaches. If you Google “HR headaches,” you’ll get a long...

The Affordable Care Act: The Costs of Non-compliance

T he Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (known as the ACA, or Obamacare) is the current US federal law that governs and protects access to...