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The Rise of Freelancing and Its Implications for HR

What HR needs to know about the rise of the freelance economy, including advantages, challenges, and the role of technology.

4 Reasons DEI Should Dominate Your Recruitment Strategy In 2024

We examine why diversity, equity, and inclusion should be the top priority for your company's recruitment strategy in 2024.

HR's Guide to Combatting Recruitment Scams

We examine recruitment scams, how your company can decrease its risk of them, and what to do if it is targeted.

How to Write Job Postings That Get Great Candidates in 2024 [+Template]

More than just a nice-to-do, but a critical first impression and touch-point with your organization

4 Offer Letter Templates to Boost Hiring Success [Free Download]

Discover how to make an impactful job offer with our four expertly crafted offer letter templates.

Creating an HR Strategy for a Startup

A helpful guide for tips and considerations on creating a strong HR strategy

6 Ways HR Pros Can Use chatGPT as a Personal Assistant [+examples]

In just a few short months since its launch, chatGPT has shaken up countless industries, including HR. But what exactly is this AI tool, and how can HR pros use it?

How HR Can Think Like a Marketer: Part 1 – Recruitment

Exploring marketing practices that can be applied to recruitment.

Diverse, Equitable & Inclusive Hiring in the Modern Workplace

Eliminate bias from your hiring practices and discover the importance of equitable hiring along with the benefits it can bring to your organization.

5 Common HR Challenges Affecting Modern Day Benefits Brokers

Learn how HR professionals lean on benefits brokers to solve common HR challenges

9 E-Recruiting Tools to Manage Your Hybrid Workforce

An actionable guide on which tools to use in order to find and retain the best talent