Free W-4 Calculator – Tax Withholding Info for HR Professionals

Updated: 12/31/19

HR professionals need to be experts on all things W-4, as this form is mandatory for all employees. While this is a crucial part of every employee’s journey, the W-4 form falls into the administrative category, meaning it’s crucial that those in HR understand it thoroughly so that their focus can go to more impactful items, such as company culture! Not exactly sure about the ins and outs of this form? No worries – we’ve got you covered. We’re about to look at the need-to-know for the W-4 form and provide you with our W-4 calculator so you can make sure you’re on the right path!

NOTE: Any results this calculator yields will be estimates.

GoCo W-4 Withholdings Calculator

Calculate your federal tax withholding allowances for your Form W-4.

What is a W-4 Form and When Do You Need a W-4 Calculator?

The W-4 form is something filled out by employees so that employers may withhold the appropriate amount from their paychecks for federal income tax purposes. This calculator is a great resource for when you start a new job, get a change in income, or just want to verify how much should be withheld from your hard earned check! Another great resource for this is the tax withholding estimator provided by the IRS.

W-4 Calculation Checklist

Here’s what information our calculator will ask you to provide in order to give you the most accurate estimate possible!

  • Marital status.

  • The number of dependents aged 16 or younger.

  • The number of dependents aged over 16.

  • If you have more than one job.

  • If you are the head of your household.

  • Your expected annual net income for 2022.

Using this information, our calculator will generate a solid estimate of how much of your income you can expect to go towards federal income tax!

Variables and Special Circumstances That Could Affect W-4 Calculations

Life moves pretty fast, meaning you’ll probably experience some events that require you to revisit your W-4 and make some adjustments! Here are some examples.

  • You get married or divorced.

  • You have or adopt a baby.

  • Your spouse’s employment status changes.

  • You take on a second job.

  • You work for part of the year, not the entirety. 

GoCo Payroll and Tax Withholding Automation

GoCo’s payroll is set up with some fabulous integrations that work together to create the best and most efficient payroll process possible for HR professionals. We know that dealing with payroll has its nuances, including tax withholdings. That’s why we want to eliminate as much of the headache as we can by automating all of that. With GoCo, you can rest assured knowing that all calculations and payroll settings will be compliant with federal and state requirements, meaning HR teams can focus on what really makes a difference – their people!

W-4’s don’t have to just be another administrative hoop to jump through. With GoCo’s tools, you can trust that you’ll get accurate estimates for withholdings and properly executed automation in terms of applying this to your payroll! It’s time to simplify tedious HR tasks. Here’s a great place to start!

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